With the SportX Winter Classic starting tomorrow and $10,000 DAI on the line, we provide a deep-dive analysis on the five main contenders, including additional analysis on three other dark-horse contenders. We analyze their tournament history, favorite sports to bet on, and in-depth analysis of their historical ROI broken down by sport.

#1) Mountain View Pitbulls

Mountain View Pitbulls has shown day-in and day-out that he is the most consistent sports bettor on SportX. With five top-10 showings in five tournaments, his status as the alpha male of SportX is obvious. However, he has yet to get over the hump and claim victory in a tournament, having settled for 2nd place in three different tournaments, including a 2nd place showing in the $20k SportX Finals.

He will need to make the most of the last few games in the Australian Open and the Super Bowl, given his ridiculous 24.1% and 20.2% average ROI in both sports. As we’ve mentioned in our previous tournament previews, we’re excited to see whether this is the tournament Mountain View finally gets over the hump and wins.

#2) MiamiSammy

MiamiSammy came out of nowhere to win the SportX Finals, which was the biggest tournament of 2019. As a bookmaker, MiamiSammy has been quite consistent in terms of both his volume and ROI across sports with no real weaknesses in any one individual sport. This sets him up well for the Winter Classic, where consistency plays a key factor.  

One thing to note – while the Winter Classic is based on net return like the SportX Finals (losses don’t count) – there’s been a slight tweak to the rules where only net exposure as a bookmaker counts towards your total. This means being balancing your book (having bets on both sides) as a bookmaker lowers your counted “exposure” and therefore doesn’t count towards your score, which negates some of the advantage of being a bookmaker for net return tournaments.

#3) El Hefe

Making up the third leg of the trifecta at the top of the leaderboard is El Hefe. While El Hefe is behind both Mountain View and MiamiSammy in terms of points, he’s actually the tour leader in terms of prize money with $4,115 DAI in total career tournament earnings. He has been on an absolute tear as of late with three straight top-5 finishes, including 2nd place in the Masters Invitational tournament.  

El Hefe’s bread-and-butter has historically been MLB, with a 7.7% average ROI across +350 bets, which makes up almost half of his total bets and volume. With MLB done though, El Hefe has been relying on a combination of NHL and soccer bets. He has historically been a prolific NBA bettor as well, but a recent downturn starting in mid-December has pushed his historical basketball ROI averages below zero.  

#4) Glasser’s Picks

Glasser’s Picks is one of the most prolific bookmakers on SportX and he will be looking for a rebound performance after a disappointing showing in the Masters Invitational. With that being said, he took home the bronze medal in the SportX Finals, which was the last net return tournament he was in. That was his best showing ever and represented his first ever top-5 finish.

With just the Super Bowl left in terms of football games, he will have to lean into his NHL and soccer knowledge to crank out the returns he’ll need to compete in the Winter Classic. Golf has been another strong point for Glasser, which is a tailwind as the golf season is back underway. One surprise has been his negative ROI in MMA, which has historically been a strong point for him. Similar to Mountain View, we’re excited to see if he can get over the hump and take home a championship for the first time.

#5) HappyGambler

HappyGambler is one of the biggest whales on SportX, with a tendency to go all-in on high-conviction picks. Like El Hefe, he’s been on an absolute tear as of late, including a dominant championship win in the private Masters Invitational tournament earlier this month, a solid top-10 showing in the SportX Finals, and a bronze medal in the SportX Open.

His ROI percentages are skewed by tennis and MMA, both of which he’s currently shooting 100% on (albeit with a small sample size). Looking beyond those two sports though, we can see that he’s currently sporting a ridiculous 31.5% average ROI on +50 NHL bets and an impressive 6.6% ROI on more than 250 NBA bets. His two worst sports to-date – football and baseball – are mostly out of the season at this point, making him potentially the most dangerous of the five listed contenders.

Other Contenders to Watch

JBKL197 took home 5th place in the SportX Finals tournament, and often held a share of the lead throughout the tournament, making him a dangerous contender to watch. He’s also coming off an impressive third-place showing in the Masters Invitational tournament earlier this month, which was his second straight top-5 showing.

Kirby is a prolific NHL bettor, sporting a 7.7% average ROI across over 100 bets. He also took home 7th in the SportX Finals tournament and 12th in the SportX Open championship before that. It will be interesting to see whether he can continue that momentum into the SportX Winter Classic.

SF 69ers has been on a roll recently as well, taking home 7th in the Masters Invitational and top-20 showings in both the SportX Finals and SportX Open. He actually held a lead or a share of it on three of the opening week days in the SportX Finals, but faded down the stretch.