Final Standings!

After one of the most active days in the history of SportX in terms of volume, the Winter Classic tournament came down to a photo finish! After holding a sizeable lead throughout the tournament, tournament leader El Hefe had one of his more regrettable betting days, opening up a spot for others to take the crown!

Congrats to our winner, SportX God!

This is his first tournament win and third ever top-10. This comes off his disappointing showing in the Masters Invitational where he fell two spots on the final day to take 4th, just missing out on winning any prize money. He had a big night yesterday to make up the difference in the Winter Classic, hitting on huge NBA bets and cashing on the Utah Jazz, the Los Angeles Clippers -6, the Portland Trail Blazers -4.5, among other bets. With the win he earns 2,000 DAI and 2,638 world tour points.

Gin & Tonic finished just behind, finishing just a little more than $200 behind first place. This is his first ever podium finish and fifth top-10. He cashed big bets on the NBA, including the Clippers and the Trail Blazers. Unfortunately though, his bet size on that last Trail Blazers game just wasn’t big enough to push him ahead of SportX God. He earns 1,500 DAI and 1,072 world tour points.

SportX World #3 El Hefe took a big swing on the last day but had one of his worst days betting, missing on huge bets on the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets. This opened the door just enough for the slew of contenders behind him, with two of them able to take advantage. Still, third-place is still quite impressive, and it represents his third-straight top-5 and record-breaking sixth straight prize money finish. He takes home 1,000 DAI and 692 world tour points. 

SportX World #1 Mountain View Pitbulls finished fourth, taking home 750 DAI and 577 world tour points. Hit Bombs had an extremely impressive showing in the tournament, finishing 5th and taking home 620 DAI and 511 world tour points. Bookmaker MiamiSammy, JBKL197, HappyGambler, SamiAm, and Kryptonik round out the competitive top 10.


Day 10/11 Standings

Today is the last day to get your bets in before the final results are announced tomorrow!

It’s coming down to a battle of giants, as SportX World #3 El Hefe holds a sizeable lead as he attempts to complete a wire-to-wire victory at the Winter Classic. SportX World #1 Mountain View Pitbulls is behind him and will need a big final day push to avoid an incredible record-breaking 4th second place. He got away with one yesterday as his big bet on heavy favourite Jon Jones won a razon-thin decision over Dominick Reyes in a fight many thought Reyes won.

Gin & Tonic occupies the last podium spot after a big night of UFC and NBA betting. This would be his best performance ever if he can hold on. Meanwhile, SportX World #2 and winner of the SportX Finals tournament in December MiamiSammy lurks behind in fourth. Hit Bombs is less than a $100 behind in fifth. There’s a bit of gap from there, with JBKL197, SamiAm, SportX God, HappyGambler, and kryptonik rounding out a very close top 10 with only $500 separating them.

Meanwhile, the bubble has never been closer with Demar Died For Our Sins holding a $7 lead over PG11 for the final prize money spot. SNOTROCKET, The Eagle, Trading Kitties, and a few others could easily make a run for that final prize money spot as well.

* Please note that the results of the Raptors/Nets game weren’t reflected in today’s standings due to a payout delay, but will be reflected in tomorrow’s standings.


Day 9/11 Standings

El Hefe continues his reign the top of the leaderboard for the 8th straight day after cashing a big bet on the Toronto Raptors -1 (vs. Pacers). Mountain View Pitbulls remains in second after a big night betting NBA as well. The tight race happening for the last podium spot continues, this time with Gin & Tonic leapfrogging Hit Bombs, bookmaker MiamiSammy, and SportX God to snag it.

SamiAm, HappyGambler, JBKL197, and Glasser’s Picks round out the competitive top 10. At the bubble, Trading Kitties bumped SNOTROCKET off the last prize money spot, while Mike Lowry makes up some ground, rising two spots to be a potential prize money threat.

Day 8/11 Standings

El Hefe is at the top of the leaderboard for the 7th straight day, but his lead has never been smaller, with Mountain View Pitbulls now less than $500 behind after having a big night. There’s a tight race happening for the last podium spot, with Hit Bombs continuing to hold onto third-place, while bookmaker MiamiSammy less than $300 behind. SportX God and Gin & Tonic are right behind both of them.

HappyGambler, SamiAm, Glasser’s Picks, and JBKL197 round out the top 10. There’s still a lot of competition near the bubble where BigMoneyBigMeat, PG11, and SNOTROCKET holding slim leads over Trading Kitties, Habsfan, and aussieoy

Day 7/11 Standings

El Hefe is at the top of the leaderboard for the sixth straight day, extending his lead after cashing a big win on the Los Angeles Clippers to cover the 6.5-point spread over the Miami Heat. Mountain View Pitbulls cashed on the exact same bet, but had much less exposure, keeping him in second.

Hit Bombs rounds out the podium at third, at less than $500 away from second. SportX God kept up his pace to stay ahead of the ever present MiamiSammy bookmaking at fourth and fifth respectively. Gin & Tonic, SamiAm, SPORTSMAN, BCrussmo, and HappyGambler make up the rest of the top ten.

We continue to have a dog fight going on near the bubble with Kryptonik, PG11, and Trading Kitties holding slim leads on the last few prize money spots at 23rd, 24th, and 25th, respectively. Mike Lowry, Lew’s Troops, and Demar Died For Our Sins are right behind them.

Day 6/11 Standings

El Hefe continues to maintain his spot at the top of the leaderboard after cashing a massive win on the Los Angeles Lakers -12 over the Spurs (they won 129-102). SportX World #1 Mountain View Pitbulls is in a familiar spot at number two after also hitting on the Lakers. He has significant ground to make up with less than a week to go if he wants to claim his first victory.

Relative newcomer Hit Bombs continues his impressive showing, moving up a spot to take the last podium spot at number three. SportX God moves up two to take fourth, after a two-day, eight spot surge up the rankings. Bookmaker MiamiSammy is less than $50 away though in fifth. Gin & Tonic, BCrussmo, SamiAm, HappyGambler, and Glasser’s Picks round out the top ten.

We have a dog fight going on near the bubble with PG11, Demar Died For Our Sins, and Big J holding slim leads on the last few prize money spots at 23rd, 24th, and 25th, respectively. Lew’s Troops, Mike Lowry, and HG are right behind them.

Day 5/11 Standings

We’re halfway through the Winter Classic and what a wild ride this tournament this has been.

SportX World Tour #3 El Hefe maintained a healthy lead at the top of the leaderboard after cashing a big bet on the Miami Heat against the Philadelphia 76ers (they smacked them 137-106). Mountain View Pitbulls continues to make up ground though, thanks to winning bets on the Los Angeles Clippers and Baylor. MiamiSammy makes up the last spot on the podium.

Hit Bombs had a huge night ripping off five straight wins to start the night before losing a small bet on the Clippers to cover -9.5 spread. He moves up one spot into fourth and is now within $100 of the podium. Gin & Tonic had a mediocre night, falling one sot into fifth.

SportX God also had a monster night, going 7/8 on the night to surge five spots into sixth. BCrussmo, SamiAm, HappyGambler, and Glasser’s Picks make up the rest of the top 10.


Day 4/11 Standings

What a Super Bowl! After falling behind 20-10 with less than a quarter left, Patrick Mahomes went nuclear and guided the Chiefs to three straight touchdowns to snag the victory. Before the game, Demi Lovato clocked in one of her fastest national anthems ever to help bettors who bet the anthem under to seal the deal.

While El Hefe maintained his spot at the top of the leaderboard, a slew of contender made up on ground on his previously unassailable lead. Mountain View Pitbulls cashed big bets on the Kansas City Chiefs and the Under 54.5 points to cut the deficit in half. MiamiSammy had a big day bookmaking the Super Bowl to grind a spot higher into third.

Gin & Tonic traded spots with Hit Bombs after each had big nights betting the Super Bowl; there’s less than $25 separating them. BCrussmo missed on the 49ers but hit on the Under, while Glasser’s Picks surged six spots after hitting on the Chiefs. JBKL197, Winning, and SamiAm round out the very competitive top 10.

Day 3/11 Standings

El Hefe had a big day, cashing three big bets on the NBA including the Lakers -5.5, Celtics -2.5, and Clippers -9.5, to massively extend his lead. His net return is now more than twice as much as anyone else.

MiamiSammy grinded his way higher through his bookmaking, rising two spots to take the spot behind him. Hit Bombs continued his impressive surge up the leaderboard, rising three spots into third after big bets on the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers both cashed; he is now 7/8 on bets this tournament. Gin & Tonic and Mountain View Pitbulls added to their scores but each fell a few spots. BCrussmo, Glasser’s Picks, Winning, SamiAm, and SportX God round out a competitive top ten.


Day 2/11 Standings

El Hefe surges 22 spots to take the lead after cashing a big bet on the Toronto Raptors last night to cover a -4 spread against the Detroit Pistons (they won by 13). He holds a relatively large lead at the top, and then there’s a log jam from second to fifth.

Mountain View Pitbulls falls to second, even after also cashing in on the Toronto Raptors to cover the spread and hitting on Zverev to cover the spread against Dominic Thiem yesterday. Gin & Tonic holds his spot at third after big bets on the NBA cash. MiamiSammy is right behind them at fourth after another solid day of bookmaking, with BCrussmo surging six spots into fifth. Hit Bombs, SportX God, SamiAm, and HappyGambler round out the rest of the top 10.

There’s still lots of time and we have tons of sports this weekend so expect the rankings to get shaken up even more.

Day 1/11 Standings

Pre-tournament favorite and SportX World Tour #1 Mountain View Pitbulls jumps out to an early lead after going 3/4 on the day, with big bets on the Toronto Raptors and Roger Federer +7 both cashing. Pre-tournament #5 contender HappyGambler is hot on his tail though, at less than $20 behind thanks to a big bet on the Nashville Predators cashing.

There’s a slew of contenders behind each of them with Gin & Tonic, Wayne of Spades, MiamiSammy, Glasser’s Picks, and SamiAm all less than $200 behind first. It’s still extremely early days with more than 10 days to go. We expect a ton of movement this weekend with both the Australian Open finals and the Super Bowl.

We should note that the semi-final match between Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem came in too late to be counted into today’s standings.