Final Results!

After 22 days of marathon competition in our longest, biggest tournament ever, the final results are in!

What a crazy final day it was! Yesterday was the second highest volume day in SportX’s short history, and it showed, with tons of big bets flying around. In the end, we crowned a new champion for the SportX Finals Tournament!

Congrats to our winner, MiamiSammy!

This is his first career tournament win in his first career tournament, which is an impressive debut to say the least. His more diversified, bookmaking-heavy style served him especially well in this marathon tournament in which making heavy bets that could make or break the bankroll were not key to victory as they were in previous tournaments.

Mountain View Pitbulls takes his third 2nd place finish (second straight) and fourth straight top-10 finish. Mountain View had an up and down betting performance in the tournament and ended up having to sweat out a few wins on big favourites during the tournament. Including a SportX record $13,000+ wager on the Kansas City Cheifs to beat the Chicago Bears. While it’s obviously somewhat disappointing to not win, the 3,957 points he won have now moved him up a spot into the SportX World #1 rank, and by a relatively comfortable margin.

Glasser’s Picks climbed a spot on the final day thanks to some solid NFL betting to snatch the last podium spot away. This is his second career podium, and second straight (third overall) top-10 finish. Glasser used an effective combition of large single wagers like Mountrain View, while also diversifiying his exposure with a number of bookmakers bets.

El Hefe fell a spot on the final day to take 4th place, which is his third top-10 finish and fourth straight prize money finish. It’s a very impressive streak that includes winning the SportX Open Championship and top 5 finish in the SportX Fall Classic. El Hefe suffered some major bankroll swings throughout the Finals tournament cashing some big wins and losing on a few tough NBA upsets. With that being said, the 1,781 World Tour points he earned is enough to move him up a spot into the SportX World #2 rank.

JBKL197 takes 5th place in his debut tournament, an extremely impressive in his first appearance. He looks like a sure-fire contender for future tournaments.

KenBermuda took home 6th place, while happygambler moved up a spot on the final day to take home 7th. BCrussmo was $100 ahead of kirby to take 8th, while Gin & Tonic rounded out the top 10. There were some noteworthy moves elsewhere in the standings, like DeanBB cashing a clutch bet on the Philadelphia Eagles to cover the spread to inch ahead two spots on the final day to take 21st.

Nhl_wagers cashed a big bet on the New York Islanders to move up 5 spots and avoid falling out of the bubble, while Bills Mafia cashed bets on the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers to move up 9 spots into 36th. SportX God, Flying Hawaiian, and PG11 took home the final paid spots, while Browner, cavin, DAI4GOLD, and Demar Died For Our Sins just missed out.


1 Days left!

It’s the final day! And it’s the final Sunday of regular season NFL as well!

With less than 24 hours to go, our newfound leader MiamiSammy continues to hold on to first after a big day of NCAA Football betting, including a relatively big win on Clemson after most of the public took Ohio State.

SportX World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls resides in second after a mixed day of betting, with a big win on the heavy favourite Denver Nuggets pared with losses on the Indiana Pacers, Colorado Avalanche, and Ohio State. Mountain View has come 2nd in two different tournaments already, will this be a repeat or is the third time the charm?

Less than a $100 away in third place is SportX World #3 El Hefe, who had a massive win when Notre Dame covered the 3.5 point spread over Iowa State. This is a very similar position to where El Hefe was in the SportX Open championship, where he came from behind to win on the last day. Will lightning strike twice?

Glasser’s Picks is a dark horse contender, especially after cashing a big win on Clemson last night. He has been lurking outside the podium the entire tournament but has built himself up an impressive score and remains a big win away from possibly stealing a podium spot or maybe even the crown itself.

JBKL197 is our final fringe contender at 5th. He has the ability to throw down the heat necessary to get himself back onto the podium, but he definitely has some ground to make up and will need the contenders ahead of him to stumble on the last day.

While KenBermuda looks relatively locked into 6th, there’s an absolute dogfight happening right now for 7th with less than a $100 between BCrussmo ($9,179), happygambler ($9,134), and kirby ($9,107). Gin & Tonic holds onto the final top 10 spot, with Winning, Empress, D.B. Cooper, kryptonik, and Street Sweeper all within thereotical range.

There continues to be a fight near the bubble as well, with PG11 ($743), Nhl_wagers ($741), SportX God ($710), DAI4GOLD ($693), Flying Hawaiian ($680) holding onto the final paid spots, while serge69, Demar Died For Our Sins, cavin, Browner, and Bills Mafia are less than $75 away from that final 40th spot.

We’re excited to see how everything shakes out on the final day!

2 Days left!

As we head into the final two days, there appears to be a virtual tie at the top of the leaderboard and a new leader: MiamiSammy!

With tons of betting fatigue setting in for most of the participants, MiamiSammy continues to chug after avoiding the temptation to dump loads of DAI into any single concentrated bet. This more diversified approach has served him well in a marathon like the SportX Finals. The big question is whether this approach will guide him to victory with a big slate of NCAA Football and NFL coming up and bettors who like to hammer them.

Mountain View Pitbulls falls to second but remains a mere $154 behind after combining wins on the World U20 Hockey Championship with losses on the NBA. Football is Mountain View’s bread and butter so we expect to see a ton of action from him this weekend.

El Hefe retains his spot at third, but Glasser’s Picks jumps a spot into fourth after big wins on the Los Angeles Kings, Boston Bruins, and NCAA football and now is less than $400 away from the last podium spot. JBKL197 falls one spot to 5th but continues to remains within striking distance of El Hefe at third.

Meanwhile, KenBermuda continues to solidify his position at 6th, while happygambler makes his move and moves up a spot into 7th. Kirby and BCrussmo remain in almost exact tie, with $1 separating them at 8th and 9th, respectively. Gin & Tonic has a firm grip on 10th.

The bubble remains heavily contested with less than $200 separating 35th through 44th. Serg69, cavin, Bills Mafia, and Browner are on the outside looking in, while NHL_wagers, PG11, SportX God, Big J, DAI4GOLD, and Flying Hawaiian hold onto the last spots.


3 Days left!

As we head into the final weekend, it continues to be musical chairs at the top of the leaderboard with the #2 and #3 SportX World Ranks continuing to trade spots.

Mountain View Pitbulls retakes the lead from an inactive El Hefe, after cashing twin big bets on both the Detroit Pistons and the Dallas Mavericks to win. While MiamiSammy leaps a spot into second for the first time in the tournament. He has been steadily chugging along all tournament and its finally starting to pay off.

JBKL197 maintained his spot at 4th after a mixed day of NBA betting, cashing a $532 bet on the Detroit Pistons -6 against the Washington Wizards to keep the momentum going. Glasser’s Picks maintained his spot at 5th as well, after bets on the San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz to cover the spreads. Meanwhile, KenBermuda maintained his spot at 6th, kirby moved up a spot to take 7th back, while happygambler remains a mere $22 behind at 8th, while BCrussmo and Gin & Tonic round out the top 10.

There continues to be a dog fight near the bubble, with only $200 separating 37th through 44th.

4 Days left!


When the heavy underdog Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets, it blew the Christmas Special standings wide open and let some under the radar participants have a go. In the end, the winner was…

SPORTSMAN, with a one-day profit of +$1,188.

Happygambler was a close second (+$1,038), while MiamiSammy came third (+$273), with Doug Ford taking fourth (+$145), and Paddy B taking fifth (+$138). Street Sweeper (+$130), kirby (+$113), and Nighthawk (+$107) were in contention but just missed out on a top five prize.

Now onto the regular SportX Finals standings. There’s a definite sense of fatigue as we head into the final days of the marathon SportX Finals tournament as the scores of the top participants haven’t been increasing at the same rate as they did in the first week. This creates a ton of opportunity as not much separates the participants at the top.

SportX World #3 El Hefe knocked off SportX World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls to narrowly reclaim the top spot on the leaderboard, mostly thanks to a $632 bet on the underdog Philadelphia 76ers to beat the Milwaukee Bucks. Mountain View had a tough day, losing a big bet on the heavy favourite Houston Rockets to beat the Golden State Warriors. He remains only $176 of first though.

Meanwhile, MiamiSammy continue to chug along as a bookmaker, with bets spread across the entire scope of NBA games, including exposure on the Golden State Warriors at average odds of +665 that cashed (!!!). Bettors often like to take heavy favourites, meaning bookmakers like MiamiSammy often have exposure on underdogs, meaning a day like yesterday when there were some upsets (Warriors and Clippers) are great for their scores.

JBKL197 and Glasser’s Picks round out the top five and continue to remain in striking distance of the tightly coupled podium. Meanwhile, KenBermuda remains in 6th, with happygambler trailing behind him in 7th. Kirby moved up two spots to take 8th, while BCrussmo and Gin & Tonic trail just behind. There is a logjam from 11th through 15th, with a couple hundred dollars separating all the spots.

The bubble continues to be heavily contested, with $200 separating 36th through 44th. DAI4GOLD, PG11, Flying Hawaiian, serge69, and cavin currently remain on the right side of the bubble at 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th, and 40th, respectively. While Bills Mafia, Browner, Big J, and Demar Died For Our Sins are on the outside looking in.

Day 16 Results

It’s a very quiet day of sports with Christmas Eve on – if you’ve never bet on KHL, today is the day to try! While the sports day is quiet, the standings are anything but. For the first time in 2 weeks, we have a jammed leaderboard at the top, with five participants now in striking distance of each other.

Mountain View Pitbulls continues to lead the pack, hitting 3/5 of his bets on the night, including a $940 bet on the Orlando Magic to beat the Chicago Bulls. El Hefe moves up one spot into second, after cashing his $452 bet on the Maple Leafs to beat the Carolina Hurricanes. MiamiSammy moves up one spot above JBKL197, after the latter’s pick on the Minnesota Vikings fails to cash (can thank Kirk Cousins for that). Glasser’s Picks had a monster night, thanks to big exposure on the underdog Green Bay Packers. All five participants are in five-digit territory in terms of net return.

KenBermuda is on the outside looking in at sixth place, needing to make up significant ground to break into the top 5, but holding a sizeable lead over the participants behind him. Meanwhile, there is a virtual 4-way tie between 7th through 10th, with happygambler, BCrussmo, Gin & Tonic, and kirby within $130 of each other.

Day 15 Results

It was an action-packed Sunday of NFL games with some big games, including the Eagles beating the Cowboys and the Cardinals upsetting the Seahawks. Similarly, there was a ton of movement in the SportX Finals standings as well.

No move was more important though then the one by SportX World Tour #2 Mountain View Pitbulls, who went nuclear and cashed massive bets on the Baltimore Ravens to beat the Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Chicago Bears. These wins vaulted him from 4th into first place, with a little under a week to go.

JBKL197 and El Hefe failed to increase their scores again, yet each only fell one spot into 2nd and 3rd, respectively. However, MiamiSammy continued to increase his score, and is now within a couple hundred dollars of surpassing both. Glasser’s Picks had a big day as well betting NFL and is now within striking distance of a podium spot.

KenBermuda had a big night betting NHL and NFL, which was good enough to move him past happygambler for 6th. Gin & Tonic and kirby maintained their respective spots at 8th and 9th, while BCrussmo cashed a big bets on the heavy underdog Cardinals at +325 and +10, to help him surge into the top 10.

Demar Died For Our Sins now sits on the bubble in 40th, Bringer of Justice and Browner are also in safe but are less than $50 away from falling out of the money.

Day 14 Results

After cruising out to dominant leads, the two leaders at the top of the leaderboard – JBKL197 and El Hefe – continue to stall. For the third straight day, neither of them has increased their scores. While they maintain their respective positions, this has opened the door for others to make a run at the top, perhaps as soon as today.

MiamiSammy is now within spitting distance of the top spot at $10,324. SportX World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls is further behind but is known to make aggressive, concentrated NFL bets. Glasser’s Picks remains $200 behind in fifth, though he is also known for big NFL bets.

Happygambler, KenBermuda, Gin & Tonic, kirby, and kryptonik (who surged 4 spots) round out the top 10, and are all within striking distance as well.

Bubble watch: Big J and Doug Ford fall from 37th and 40th respectively to outside of the money, with PG11 and the Flying Hawaiian taking advantage and moving into the top 40 with successful Saturdays!

Day 13 Results

The calm before the storm. It was a relatively quiet Friday as each participant positioned themselves for the weekend. JKBL197 maintained his slender lead over El Hefe as each guy missed on their relatively small bets on the evening and maintained their spots at the top.

Elsewhere on the standings, MiamiSammy continued to gain, adding another $400 to his total on a relatively soft day of activity. Mountain View Pitbulls and Glasser’s Picks are right behind him, ready to strike and take away the last podium spot on a moment’s notice.

Meanwhile, happygambler and KenBermuda continue to chug away, and have now gotten themselves within a big bet away of a podium finish going into the weekend. Kirby, Gin & Tonic, and BCrussmo round out the top 10, with Joanthon less than $3 away of a top 10 spot and Empress within $400. The top 10 is extremely close with a $1000 separating 10th through 15th. Near the bubble we effectively have a 4-way tie for 36th with Bringer of Justice, Big J, No Vaseline, and DAI4GOLD holding onto a $10 lead over 41st.

Day 12 Results

It was a relatively calm day for sports with no Thursday NFL night game and just a couple of NBA games, and yet there was a ton of movement in the standings.

After almost a week at the top of the standings, El Hefe has finally been dethroned (for now), as JBKL197 inched ahead of him to take the top spot. They are now in a virtual tie with only $12 separating the two contestants.

In the battle of the bookmakers, MiamiSammy decisively broke through and move up one spot ahead of Mountain View Pitbulls into that last podium spot at third. Both Mountain View Pitbulls and Glasser’s Picks remain in striking distance though.

There was some minor jostling elsewhere in the standings, with kirby moving up one spot over Joanthon, whose continued inactivity is hurting him in the standings, and Empress moving up one spot over Street Sweeper.

Near the prize pool bubble, it’s extremely close with Trump Nation holding onto that 40th spot, merely $2 ahead of No Vaseline. Doug Ford, Flying Hawaiian, and Bringer of Justice hold minor leads over 41st as well.

NBA Betting Contest & Day 11 Results

The 1-day NBA betting challenge was heavily contested with 50 participants. Unlike the NHL contest, this one was wrapped up pretty easily by one participant. In the end, the winner was…

Gin & Tonic, with a one-day profit of +$1,238.

JBKL197 takes home second at +$949, while Serge69 came third at +$629, inching ahead of fourth place BCrussmo at +$623. Empress (+$442), Hit Bombs (+$362), Glasser’s Picks (+$333), kirby (+$235), and Clem (+$214) had great nights betting NBA as well, but just fell short of the podium

Didn’t place? Have no fear! We’re going to be running both the NHL and NBA 1-day challenges back again next week!

Competition is starting to heat up again in the main SportX Finals standings. El Hefe maintained his spot at the top of the leaderboard once again, but his $3500 lead over JBKL197 has mostly evaporated, who now trails by less than $900. Mountain View Pitbulls had a relatively rough night betting NBA and now has some ground to make up to challenge for first or second.

In the battle of the bookmakers, MiamiSammy was able to put some daylight between himself and Glasser’s Picks, tripling his lead to $776, even though the latter had a great night betting NBA. Glasser really shines though when it comes to NFL, so we’re excited to watch this matchup over the weekend.

Happygambler, KenBermuda, Joanthon, kirby, and Gin & Tonic round out the top 10. Hit Bombs continues to move up the rankings, while serge69 surges from out of nowhere into 28th.

NHL Betting Contest & Day 10 Results

The 1-day NHL betting challenge was a big success, with over 40 participants. It came down to the wire as well, with five participants within $100 of first place. In the end, the winner was…

Glasser’s Picks, with a one-day profit of +$488 on NHL bets.

Mountain View Pitbulls came second at +$472, while Hit Bombs eeked out third at +$420.

Just $9 ahead of BCrussmo (+$411), Trading Kitties (+$384), Empress (+$284), and Gin & Tonic (+$243) had great nights betting NHL, but just fell short.

Didn’t place? Have no fear! We’re going to be running the 1-day challenge back again today, this time with NBA!

Now onto the regular SportX Finals standings. While SportX World #3 El Hefe maintained his spot at the top of the mountain, there was tons of movement elsewhere in the standings.

JBKL197 cashed massive bets on Mainz 05 (Bundesliga soccer) and Brooklyn Nets to break his 2-day inactive streak and vault him back into second place, putting him ahead of Mountain View Pitbulls. In the battle of bookmakers, MiamiSammy inched ahead Glasser’s Picks for 4th place, while happygambler, KenBermuda, Joanthon, kirby, and kryptonik round out the top 10.

There were some notably big moves elsewhere in the top 40: SPORTSMAN moved up 6 spots into 17th, Hit Bombs moved up 3 spots into 18th, Trading Kitties moved up 16 spots into 29th, InDeepNoDome moved up 5 spots into 30th, DeanBB moved up 3 spots into 31st, while Big J moved up 15 spots into 38th.


Tuesday NHL Betting Contest & Day 9 Results

1-day NHL Contest

With 11 NHL games on today, we have decided to run a profit & loss contest on the NHL today. To enter you must bet at minimum 3 different NHL games.

Prize Pool

🥇1st = $250    🥈2nd = $150    🥉3rd = $100

Now on to the standings…

SportX World #3 El Hefe score didn’t change after going 0/2 on NBA bets on the night. However, he still holds a commanding lead at the top of leaderboard.

SportX World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls moves into second after going 2/4 on the night on NBA, cashing bets on the Thunder and Rockets, but losing his bets on the Pistons and the Suns. He maintains a small $182 lead on JBKL197, who falls to third after a second straight inactive day.

Bookmakers Glasser’s Picks and MiamiSammy round out the top 5, with the latter moving up 2 spots from 7th to claim his spot. Happygambler trails less than $200 behind at 6th, while Jonathon was inactive and therefore fell 2 spots to 7th. The rest of the top 10 is extremely close, with KenBermuda, kryptonik, and kirby all within a couple hundred dollars of each other.


Day 8 Results

SportX World #3 El Hefe capped off his impressive 5-day move by going nuclear on Sunday, cashing big bets on Manchester City, Green Bay Packers, Orlando Magic, and the Dallas Cowboys to build a sizeable lead after only leading by $19 yesterday.

JKBL197 was surprisingly inactive on Sunday, yet was able to hold onto his spot on second. Mountain View Pitbulls trails by $201 in third after cashing a massive $5400 bet on the heavy favourite Denver Nuggets to beat the New York Knicks. Glasser’s Picks had a mixed Sunday, hitting 3/6 of his bets on the day, with no bet bigger than $200. He remains in 4th, while Joanthon has kept his spot at 5th for now, thanks to the Buffalo Bills.

The rest of the top 10 is extremely close with happygambler, MiamiSammy, KenBermuda, and kirby all less than $1000 of the top 5. Kryptonik continued his impressive surge up the standings to break into the top 10 for the first time, unseating BCrussmo and Street Sweeper who trail just behind.

Bubble Watch: Coach, No Vaseline and PG11 are the final three users in the money – and are all within $33 of each other.


Day 7 Results

UFC 245 was a blockbuster card with three championship fights and it did not disappoint with Kamaru Usman breaking the jaw of loudmouth Colby Covington in the main event. Sundays are SportX tournament moving days, and we don’t expect this one to be any different.

SportX World #3 El Hefe continued his consistent climb up the rankings, climbing two spots into first place for the first time of the tournament at +$6,914. The key to his move was cashing big bets on the New York Islanders and Ottawa Senators to win.

He is in a virtual tie with JKBL197, who sits a mere $19 behind in second at +$6,895 after cashing bets on West Ham United, the Ottawa Senators, and Washington Capitals. Mountain View Pitbulls climbed one spot into third after cashing a massive $5,000 bet on Kamaru Usman.

Glasser’s Picks had a mixed night and falls three spots to fourth, with wins on Alexander Volkanovski tempered by losses on Kai Kara France and Jose Aldo. As primarily a bookmaker, Glasser is relatively diversified across games, meaning he’s able to steadily climb but typically doesn’t have any large single bets that can vault him in the rankings. Joanthon maintained his spot in 5th after going 2/3 on the night, with big wins on the Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins helping him cement his place in the top 5.

MiamiSammy, happygambler, KenBermuda, kirby, and Gin & Tonic round out the top ten. Elsewhere in the standings, veteran SportX user Kryptonik finally makes his move, surging 50 spots into 11th after cashing a massive $3,200 bet on Navy to beat Army in NCAA football, and following it up with an even bigger $3,713 bet on Amanda Nunes to beat Germaine in their championship fight.

Day 6 Results

After almost a week of the same top three shuffling spots on the podium, the tournament has now officially broken open with two new contenders in top three.

Glasser’s Picks once again retakes the top spot in the Finals, after hitting big bets on the Denver Nuggets -6 vs. the Trail Blazers, the Vegas Golden Knights at +261 vs. Dallas Stars, and the Los Angeles Clippers -5.5 vs. the Timberwolves.

Trailing a mere $16 behind in second is JKBL 197 who continues his massive two-day spike up the leaderboard after cashing $1,000 bet on the Charlotte Hornets +6.5 vs. the Chicago Bulls, and a separate $250 bet at +221 on the Hornets to win.

El Hefe continued his steady climb up the rankings, and now sits less than $300 away from first. El Hefe is off to scorching hot start in terms of accuracy, hitting 7/8 bets with nothing more than a -135 favourite. Both Mountain View Pitbulls and Joanthon fell two spots to 4th and 5th, respectively, after relatively uneventful 0/2 nights.

Elsewhere in the top 10, MiamiSammy fell one spot to 6th, KenBermuda fell one spot to 7th, happygambler moved up a spot to 8th, kirby fell two spots to 9th, and Gin & Tonic maintained his spot at 10th.


Day 5 Results

We’re just about a quarter of the way through the SportX Finals, and things are starting to get really interesting. The game of musical chairs on the podium continues, this time with Glasser’s Picks jumping up two spots to wrestle the lead back.

Mountain View Pitbulls falls one spot even after cashing a monstrous $6,100 bet on the heavy favourite Baltimore Ravens to beat the New York Jets on Thursday night football (which they did handily). He remains less than $300 behind Glasser’s Picks.

Joanthon falls one spot to third after his big solo bet of the night on the heavy favourite Winnipeg Jets failed to cash. He remains in the contention but will need to make up ground given the pace that Glasser’s Picks and Mountain View Pitbulls have been setting recently.

SportX World Tour #3 El Hefe continues his surge up the rankings, jumping five spots into 4th place after cashing a $1,616 bet on the Cleveland Cavaliers to cover a +11.5 spread versus the Spurs. He is now within striking distance of breaking up the triumvirate that’s been dominating the top of the standings.

There was some minor jostling in the rest of the top 10 with MiamiSammy falling one spot to 5th, KenBermuda gaining one spot to 6th, kirby falling two spots to 7th, newcomer JBKL 197 surging into 8th, happygambler falling three spots to 9th, and Gin & Tonic rounding out the top 10.

Bubble watch: Bringer of Justice is currently holding onto that final 40th place prize money finish at +$75, holding a mere $14 lead over the 3-way tie at 41st between Oline66, Mbappe, and Thomasmcmurt. Big J, No Vaseline, Bukakke, and PG11 are not much safer and only a few dollars ahead at 36th, 37th, 38th, and 39th, respectively.


Day 4 Results

The game of musical chairs at the top of the podium continues. 

Mountain View Pitbulls moves back into first after a good night of NBA betting, including cashing a $3,000 bet on the Milwaukee Bucks as -500 favourites to beat the New Orleans Pelicans with Giannis sitting.

Joanthon maintains his spot at second and trails by less than a $100 from first after hitting 6/7 of bets on the night, including cashing a $1,050 bet on the Los Angeles Clippers to beat the Toronto Raptors.

Glasser’s Picks had a mixed day, hitting 6/12 of his bets on the night though finishing positive on the night thanks to his biggest bet of the night (Los Angeles Lakers -6.5) hitting. He fell two spots from first, but remains solidly in the trifecta at the top of the podium that has emerged.

SportX World Tour #3 El Hefe finally made his move, surging 27 spots into 9th after going 2/3 on the night betting NBA, including hitting his $745 bet on the Los Angeles Clippers. We’re excited to see whether El Hefe can continue his surge and crash the party at the podium.

Elsewhere in the standings, there wasn’t a ton of movement with MiamiSammy, kirby, happygambler, KenBermuda, and Street Sweeper holding on to their respective spots from 4th to 8th, while Empress rounds out the top 10 at 10th.

Day 3 Results

Glasser’s Picks moves into first place at +$1,842 after going 9/12 on the night, with bets spanning across NHL, NBA, and NCAA basketball. There were no single large bets that pushed him into first – with an average bet size of $50 – instead he relied on good ole’ fashioned accuracy.

Joanthon continues his impressive start to the tournament at +$1,425, thanks to his $440 bet on the Philadelphia 76ers and $275 bet on the Winnipeg Jets both cashing. He maintains a small lead over Mountain View Pitbulls, who falls two spots into third after cashing his only bet of the night on the heavy favourite Portland Trail Blazers to beat the woeful Knicks.

MiamiSammy moves up one spot into fourth, who continues to be the most active bettor in the tournament in terms of sheer number of bets. Kirby trails behind him at 5th, while SportX World #5 happygambler surges up the leaderboard into 6th. There was some minor jockeying in the standings with KenBermuda, Street Sweeper, Empress, and Winning rounding out the top 10, while fan favourite SPORTSMAN was pushed out.


Day 1 & 2 Results

Welcome to the 2019 SportX Finals!

It was a relatively quiet first two days of the SportX Finals tournament, with most of it centered around the Sunday and Monday slate of NFL games.

SportX World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls jumped out to an early lead at +$1,122 net return, while World #9 Glasser’s Picks trails just behind at +$998. Both participants had a number of very profitable NFL bets, with Mountain View cashing a monster $7,038 bet on the Minnesota Vikings to beat the Detroit Lions for a $1,038 profit. Glasser’s Picks was more diversified, cashing 7/7 of NFL bets on Sunday and Monday.

Joanthon makes his debut on the podium of a SportX tournament, trailing just behind the two SportX veterans at +$910, thanks in large part to a $680 bet on the Steelers to cover the spread against the Cardinals. Kirby, MiamiSammy, StreetSweeper, Winning, Empress, KenBermuda, and SPORTSMAN round out a close top 10, with only a couple hundred dollars separating 4th through 10th.

Lots of time left in the tournament!