Final Standings!

In one of our first tournaments since sports have come back, the Weekend Special ended up coming down to the wire!

It was a back-and-forth affair, with tournament leaders AG and SPORTSMAN 2.0 trading places throughout the final day. In the end though, there can only be one…

Congrats to our winner, SPORTSMAN 2.0! 

This is his first tournament win and fourth ever top-10. It’s a big bounce-back performance since coming off his disappointing showing in the Quarantine Cup where he finished second last in the standings. He had a big night yesterday to make up the difference, hitting on some UFC bets and cleaning house with his Travellers Championship golf picks, among other bets. The win earns him 150 DAI.

AG trailed just behind him, hitting on a number of EPL and other soccer bets throughout the weekend. In the end though, AG just couldn’t match the output of SPORTSMAN 2.0. That output gap proved to be the decisive factor in an otherwise back-and-forth affair. 

SportX God took home third-place relatively decisively, with FortzaPTitty, and JayWill8 behind them.

Make sure to check out the Tournament page often! We are going to be hosting these types of tournaments every weekend!