While esports has been popular and rapidly growing for years, the recent covid-19 pandemic has boosted viewership and betting volumes on esports worldwide.

The traditional sports world has all but shut down due to coronavirus, but esports have marched on, and often times found themselves center stage. By moving to remote gameplay, and focusing on streaming and tv partnerships, esports hasn’t missed a beat. We started off by offering some popular Counter-Strike matches as a test, and the response great.

Turns out a few of users were already die-hard fans. But the coolest part, some of our regular users who have never watched or bet on an esports game before started to follow, watch and bet! A few of them even have picked a favourite team now, to be fair it is easier to become a fan when your team wins you so money.

Seeing the demand for esports was there we listened, and since then have expanded on the following games:

  • Overwatch League
  • CS:GO
  • League of Legends
  • Dota

This includes 30+ leagues or tournaments on this game and that number is constantly rising!

Our market makers are already offering competitive lines, but with the industry being so new, there is an opportunity to offer odds and take advantage of potentially mispriced games. As an exchange we are happy to be part of the price discovery process for esports and hope that by growing our esports user base that we can be a leader in efficiently priced esports markets.

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