🗓 SportX Roadmap

✅ Beta: Launch working sports betting exchange dApp (March 2019)
✅ v1.0: Achieve UX parity with a traditional web app (May 2019)
✅ v1.5: Revamp design of SportX & add tournaments (August 2019)
✅ v2.0: UX parity with a normal betting exchange (March 2020)
✅ v2.5: Launch Tournaments and Referral program (June 2020)
v3.0: Enable live in-game sports betting markets (Fall 2020)
v4.0: Launch a token and decentralize protocol (Winter 2021)

Introducing SportX v2.5

Our mission is to become the world’s most active cryptocurrency sports betting exchange. To recap our progress towards that goal so far: the initial SportX Beta achieved our objective of launching a working crypto sports betting dapp. Meanwhile, the SportX v1 update fixed a ton of the core UX/UI issues that plague traditional dApps while the August update added new functionality. SportX v2 addressed many of the issues users have had with our site to get us closer to parity with a traditional betting exchange. SportX v2.5 goes a step further and adds five major new features that traditional betting exchanges don’t typically have:

🏆 Tournaments

The SportX World Tour tournaments have surprisingly grown into one of the most popular features on SportX. We’ve conducted many of these tournaments in the past with users signing up off-app and having daily standings sent out to everyone through email. We’ve now brought all of that functionality on-app allowing users to sign-up and see live updating standings on-app on our new and improved Tournaments page.

🤝 Referral Program
Users can now refer their friends to SportX and earn a share of their fees! The Earn page on SportX gives each user an unique referral link; users earn 25% of all commissions paid by any users that sign up through their unique referral link.

📊 Trading Interface
We’ve made massive user interface improvements to our exchange page design and functionality. One of the key things we’ve improved is the speed and efficiency by which users can market-make. Users can now also cancel offers directly from the order book, and with one-click. Users can now offer bets with the same speed it takes to take bets!

⚙️ Customizable UI
We’ve added a ton of new customizability in the settings gear! Users can now change the default settings of the UI; including an alternative bet slip form (Basic & Pro Mode), ability to see more or less depth on order books, and the ability to change +/- increments to different sizes.

💱 Ticker Tape
Last but not least, we’ve added a moving ticker tape to the bottom of the Exchange page, showing every recent bet on SportX in a fast-moving CNBC-style ticker tape. Clicking on a bet on the tape brings you to that specific markets’ exchange page. Monitor the tape to see what other people are betting on!


About SportX

SportX is the world’s first regulated non-custodial sports betting exchange. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, SportX provide bettors with unparalleled control, transparency, and fairness. It’s also home to the SportX World Tour, where bettors compete to win large prize pools.