🗓 SportX Roadmap 

✅ Beta: Launch working sports betting exchange dApp (March 2019)
✅ v1.0: Achieve UX parity with a traditional web app (May 2019)
✅ v1.5: Revamp design of SportX & add tournaments (August 2019)
✅ v2.0: UX parity with a normal betting exchange (March 2020)
v3.0: Enable live in-game sports betting markets (Fall 2020)
v4.0: Launch a token and decentralize protocol (Winter 2021)


Our mission is to become the world’s most active cryptocurrency sports betting exchange. To recap our progress towards that goal so far: the initial SportX Beta achieved our objective of launching a working crypto sports betting dapp. Meanwhile, the SportX v1 update fixed a ton of the core UX/UI issues that plague traditional dApps while the August update added new functionality.

SportX v2 goes a step further and addresses many of the issues users have had with our site and get us closer to parity with a traditional betting exchange.

2️⃣ SportX v2.0

To achieve our mission of creating the most active cryptocurrency sports betting exchange, we’re constantly talking to users and using their feedback to improve the platform. This feedback has unveiled a number of problems that we’ve tried to address in v2.

Here are the ten best features and improvements that come with SportX v2:

Ξ ETH Betting

The biggest addition in this update of SportX is the introduction of Ether (ETH) betting. Users can now toggle between DAI and ETH markets, betting in whichever currency they desire. As part of our plan to become the dominant and most liquid cryptocurrency betting exchange in the world, we’re always looking to incorporate more cryptocurrencies for our users to bet in.

Ether (the currency of the Ethereum network) is the second biggest cryptocurrency in the world, with currently about 85x to 100x the market cap and liquidity of DAI. While all of our non-crypto native users prefer DAI over ETH due to it’s stability, many of our crypto-native users prefer ETH due to it’s more widespread availability.

🏦 Cashier Page

We’ve completely overhauled our cashier page, adding five new deposit options for users that want to buy DAI or ETH on SportX with dollars. Sports bettors are familiar with the pains of getting money into and out of their betting accounts. This change brings us at least up to par with traditional sites when it comes to funding. In total, we’ve added:

Coinswitch: Convert over 300 different cryptocurrencies into DAI without signing up for any exchanges. 
🔗 0x Instant: Convert ETH from your wallet into DAI on SportX in seconds.
💳 MoonPay: Buy DAI directly on SportX with any major credit/debit card, or Apple Pay. Available in over 40 countries.
💳 Carbon Money: Buy DAI with credit card, available in most countries.
💵 PayTrie: Allows users in Canada to buy or sell DAI simply and cheaply (only a 1% fee) with interac e-Transfer.
💵 BitBuy: Allows BitBuy users to buy or sell DAI with interac e-Transfer or wire transfer directly on SportX.
💵 BuySellDAI: Allows Canadians to buy DAI with interac e-Transfer.
💶 Ramp: Allows anyone in the Eurozone or UK to buy DAI through their peer-to-peer marketplace with bank transfer.

📖 New Protocol

We’ve relaunched the SportX protocol with a few tweaks to make it even more efficient and secure. One of the big changes was shifting the fee from being charged on the overall stake to being charged only on profits. We’ve also moved certain elements of the market creation off-chain to make it more efficient to create them. With the releases of this protocol, we’ve also open-sourced all the contracts and released the full results of our security audit.

📱 Progressive Web App

We rolled out the SportX progressive mobile web app for both IOS and Android, allowing users to bet on SportX on their phone when they’re away from the computer. We’ve seen from our data that a large number of our users have been accessing SportX through mobile wallets. The progressive web app makes it even easier for these users to interact with SportX.

🗣 Trollbox

You asked for it, so we’ve delivered! The Trollbox is a great forum for bettors on SportX to meet and talk all things sports. It’s also the perfect place to ask for or offer deals to other bettors to get better odds on a game. There’s already a number of users constantly monitoring the trollbox for bet offers that are willing to take you up on or offer you up deals. Cut out the middleman and get better value on your DAI!

🏟 New Markets 

The new smart contract protocol reduces the gas cost of creating markets, which makes it more cost-efficient to offer even more markets. With the change, we’re now going to be offering coverage of every ATP and WTA event (previously we only covered majors and ATP1000s), expanded coverage of the PGA, added new soccer leagues (such as the MLS), added the the newly created XFL football league, and now cover all major Boxing fights.

📊 Volume Stats

We now display the overall volume of bets done on SportX and the volume of each individual market on the desktop version. This information gives bettors a better idea of what other bettors are betting on, and also provides social proof for users first visiting the site.

🖥 Design Changes

We’ve revamped the design of the summary page, expanding popular markets from five to ten and adding league logos for each market on the page. We’re also now segmenting each league into their individual sport versus before where we showed all the leagues together. There are other design changes including: making all odds on the site green, re-designing the account page to be more clearer, among others. 

✅ Easy Sign-up Flow

We’ve massively simplified the on-boarding flow for new users coming to SportX, with a simple, easy-to-follow modal walkthrough to guide new users through the process of creating a wallet, logging-in, depositing, and registering a username. Our hope is to make SportX as easy to use as a traditional betting site, particularly for non-crypto native users that aren’t used to blockchain-based apps.

📰 Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the main driver of getting users for traditional sports betting websites, and will allow us to “outsource” our marketing to professional marketers. The new protocol natively supports affiliate marketing, and it’s something we’ll be more formally rolling out over the new few months (stay tuned!).


About SportX

SportX is the world’s first regulated non-custodial sports betting exchange. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, SportX provide bettors with unparalleled control, transparency, and fairness. It’s also home to the SportX World Tour, where bettors compete to win large prize pools.