Final Standings

The inaugural Masters tournament looked like it was going to come down to the wire, but one participant ended up running away with it, winning by over $2000!  

Congrats to our winner, Happygambler!

This is his first tournament win and second straight top-10 after his 8th place showing in the SportX Finals. Happygambler had the boldest style of betting throughout this tournament: each day he’d put down one massive bet on his favorite game. He ended up winning 6 of the 9 bets, saving his biggest – a $4,000 bet on the San Antonio Spurs – for last. That bet cashed, and the rest was history. He earns a $3,000 DAI prize and 815 SportX Tour points.

SportX World #3 El Hefe takes home second place with a score that would typically win this tournament if it wasn’t for Happygambler. We pegged El Hefe as our pre-tournament favorite and he didn’t disappoint with an extremely impressive 9-day profit of +$3,519. This is his second straight top-5 after his 4th place finish in the SportX Finals, and his fifth straight prize money finish. He earns a $1,500 DAI prize and 284 SportX Tour points.

JBKL197 takes home the final podium spot, finishing a mere $123 away from El Hefe. This is his second straight top-5 after his 5th place finish in the SportX Finals, which itself was his debut tournament. The points he is earning from this tournament are almost enough to put him into the SportX World Tour Top 10. He earns a $500 DAI prize and 202 SportX Tour points.

SportX God had a hell of a run, especially considering that he was pegged as a pre-tournament “longshot”. While he just misses out on a podium and prize money finish at 4th, this was his best performance yet. SportX World #1 Mountain View Pitbulls was in contention as always, and at one point, it looked like he was going to take home the tournament. However, he faded down the stretch and takes home 5th place. Street Sweeper, SF 69ers, SPORTSMAN, Gin & Tonic, and MiamiSammy were all lights out as well, each finishing with over $1,000 in profit, but missed out on podium spots due to the stiff competition.

Day 8/9 Standings

There is one day left in the inaugural Masters tournament and what a wild ride it has been. We noted yesterday that it was shaping up to be a battle between David and Goliath, but it turns out we picked the wrong Goliath!

In a move that no one saw coming, SportX World #3 El Hefe made an insane climb from the depths of the rankings after cashing back-to-back all-in bets on the Los Angeles Lakers and Conor McGregor. Those bets were enough to propel him from negative territory to +$3,097 and help him surge 18 spots in one day to the top spot.

SportX God had a mixed night of NBA betting to have a slightly negative day, which when combined with El Hefe’s surge, moved him back a spot into 2nd. Happygambler nailed a massive $5k bet on the heavy favourite Florida Panthers to beat the Detroit Red Wings, which propelled him eight spots into 3rd.

Gin & Tonic fell one spot to 4th after a slightly positive day; he’ll have some ground to make up to nab one of the spots on the podium. SF 69ers had a big day yesterday after cashing bets on Holly Holm and Conor McGregor, which was enough to boost him four spots into 5th. Our previous Goliath – SportX World #1 Mountain View Pitbulls – missed bets on the 76ers to cover the spread and the Over 1.5 rounds on the McGregor fight – which led to him falling four spots to 6th.

JBKL197, SPORTSMAN, Street Sweeper, and MiamiSammy round out the top 10, each with the capital and track record to make a big last second run at the podium. We’re looking forward to a big final day!

Day 7/9 Standings

Day 7 of the SportX Masters tournament and it is now a primarily a two-horse race at the top of the leaderboard with just two days left. It is shaping up to be a true David vs. Goliath showdown.

SportX God cashed a series of wins on NBA and NHL to move up one spot into the leading position for the first time this tournament. This was quite the turnaround from the last place standing he started off, and a surprise given he was pegged as a pre-tournament “longshot”. The big question is whether he can maintain heading into the final weekend.

Standing in his way in 2nd is a giant: SportX World #1 Mountain View Pitbulls. Mountain View has once again put himself into contention by steadily climbing the leaderboard throughout the Masters thanks to shrewd NBA betting. The question surrounding him isn’t contention though, he is the most consistently successful bettor on tour. The big question is qhether Mountain View can finish, as he leads the tour in 2nd place finishes (3) without yet claiming a victory.

In a battle of pre-tournament contenders, Gin & Tonic holds a very light grip on the last podium spot at third over JBKL197 after rising two spots thanks to timely bets on the NBA. There’s a pack of participants behind them with the cash to make a run at the last podium spot (or even the championship) if they go on enough of a heater to finish the weekend. SportX Finals champion MiamiSammy leads this group, while former tournament leader SPORTSMAN is right behind him at 6th.

Other participants Winning, Street Sweeper, SF 69ers, and Nhl_wagers all have outside shots at the podium if they can put together a run today. Happygambler fell ten spots from first, but still has the capital to make another run if things turn out well.

Day 6/9 Standings

Day 6 of the SportX Masters tournament and the leaderboard is now completely jammed up at the top with the three top participants in a virtual tie for first.

Happygambler maintains his spot at the top but the lead is flimsy, with him a mere $4 ahead of second place SportX God and $5 ahead of Mountain View Pitbulls. His big bet on the night – the under on the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics game – missed, which sent him back. SportX God had a mixed night, that saw him lose $200 and the chance at securing first. Mountain View continued his steady climb up the rankings, going 2/2 on the night betting NCAA basketball to nab the last podium spot.

Meanwhile JBKL197 and Gin & Tonic are in a tie for 4th and 5th, with both having moved up three spots overnight to put themselves in striking distance of the podium. MiamiSammy fell three spots but is still within a $1,000 of first in 6th. Nhl_wagers and Street Sweeper both had solid nights and moved up a few spots. SPORTSMAN continued his fall from grace, falling another three spots into 9th. SF 69ers had a huge night after the Columbus Blue Jackets won as an underdog, enabling him to surge nine spots and back into possible contention.

Day 5/9 Standings

Day 5 of the Masters Invitational tournament was once again dominated by NBA and NHL, with a full slate of NCAA basketball games. Bettors took advantage, and for the most part had a field day at the expense of bookmakers.

Happygambler rose one spot to take the top of the leaderboard for the first time in the tournament after cashing a big bet on the Miami Heat to cover the -5 spread against the Spurs (they won by 6). This was his third straight day of placing and winning a single large bet; quite a disciplined strategy.

SportX God continued his ascent up the standings, rising another five spots (for the third straight day) to take second thanks to bets on the Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets, Toronto Raptors, and the under on the Houston Rockets game. Will he continue his streak to knock off Happygambler tomorrow?

MiamiSammy had a mediocre day, losing a little more than $50 after a mixed night of bookmaking. Given the superb performance by bettors last night, it could have been much worse. He maintains his spot on the podium but has a very flimsy grasp on it. SportX World #3 El Hefe is a mere $14 behind in fourth after surging 14 spots on the day thanks to a massive bet on the Toronto Raptors that paid off handsomely. SportX World #1 Mountain View Pitbulls isn’t far behind either at 5th, after going 4/6 on his bets on the night.

Previous multi-day leader SPORTSMAN fell five spots to 6th. It wasn’t that disastrous a night of betting for him; more just that every other participant had a big night. He isn’t far from contention though and it’s unlikely that we’ve heard the last of him. JBKL197 and Gin & Tonic each fell three spots, but are both still within a few hundred dollars of the podium. Nhl_wagers and Winning round out the top 10, while Street Sweeper is right there behind them at 11th. There’s some distance between the top 11 and the rest of the participants, and it will be interesting to see whether any of them or any of the remaining unranked participants make a move over the weekend with UFC and NFL on.


Day 4/9 Standings

Day 4 of the Masters was dominated by a full slate of NBA and NHL games. For the first time in the tournament, we have a jam packed leaderboard with less than $300 separating first through fifth, and half of the participants in the tournament are within $1000 of first.

SPORTSMAN had a mixed night of betting, finishing mildly negative on the day. He maintained his lead at the top of the leaderboard, although it’s extremely flimsy with less than $10 separating him from second. Happygambler rose two spots to take 2nd after cashing a heavy $3k bet on the Tampa Bay Lightning to beat the Los Angeles Kings. This continues his trend of making one big bet each night. MiamiSammy fell two spots to third after a tough night of bookmaking across NBA and NHL.

JBKL197 had the biggest night of everyone, rising 14 spots from 18th to 4th after cashing a big bet on the Utah Jazz to cover a 3-point spread over the Brooklyn Nets (with Kyrie back).  He is within spitting distance of 1st two days after being $25 away from last; a remarkably fast comeback. Gin & Tonic rounds out our top 5, after falling two spots from third despite having a positive night.

There were some other notable moves in the standings: SportX World #1 Mountain View Pitbulls went 7/7 on the night betting, which was enough to have him surge 10 spots into 6th and within striking distance of the podium. SportX God rose 5 spots into 7th after a cashing a big bet on the Milwaukee Bucks to cover a massive 16.5 point spread over the New York Knicks, completing his comeback from the bottom of the standings. Street Sweeper, Winning, and Nhl_wagers are all up significantly as well, and round out a very competitive top 10.


Day 3/9 Standings

Day 3 of the Masters tournament concluded our third straight day of football with the NCAA Football Championship game between LSU and Clemson. As expected, LSU won it 42-25, making LSU -5.5 bettors and Under 69.5 bettors very happy in the process.

SPORTSMAN is back on-top after hitting the under in the Clemson game and following it up with a bet on the Charlotte Hornets to cover a +9.5 spread against the Portland Trail Blazers later in the night. He knocked off MiamiSammy, who fell to 2nd after a relatively flat night with exposure on the under as well and lots of NBA bets. Gin & Tonic maintained his spot at third after cashing a big bet on LSU -5.5. Happygambler made his comeback, rising 13 spots into 4th after a monstrous $2,500 bet on the St. Louis Blues to beat the Anaheim Ducks cashed. Nhl_wagers rose two spots to round out our top 5 thanks to a bet on the LSU -5.5. Glasser’s Picks and Winning both had big days as well and sit just outside of the top 5.


Day 2/9 Standings

Day 2 of the private, invite-only Masters tournament didn’t disappoint when the Kansas City Chiefs had the most impressive comeback in NFL history, scoring 41 straight points after falling behind 24-0 to pull out a surprising blowout. Congratulations to anyone that had the over (51 points) in that game – it hit in the first half. Green Bay Packers would later get it done over the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field.

SportX Finals champion MiamiSammy rises two spots to take the lead after heaving relatively heavy exposure on the Green Bay Packers and some favourable NBA bets that cashed. He supplants SPORTSMAN, who fell to second after having a bad day of betting thanks to the Washington Wizards and Toronto Raptors failing to cover. Gin & Tonic rose three spots into third after everyone else fell. Street Sweeper is right behind though at 4th at less than $10 away, while DAI4GOLD rounds out the top 5.

As always with profit-based tournaments, there’s tons of movement on a day-to-day basis. Nobody’s lead is safe and nobody is really out of it. SportX World #3 El Hefe and Winning both had big days, rising 7 and 5 spots respectively to get back to close to break-even. Whereas SF 69ers, Happygambler, JBKL197, and BCrussmo all fell more than 10 spots into the bottom half of the leaderboard. Lots of time still to go though!

Day 1/9 Standings!

Day 1 of the private, invite-only tournament was a wild one with tons of action on the two NFL divisional playoff games. The San Francisco 49ers took care of business at home against the Vikings, while the Tennessee Titans shocked the world by absolutely crushing the Baltimore Ravens (and the hopes and dreams of many SportX bettors in the process).

SPORTSMAN jumps out to the early day 1 lead after cashing big bets on the underdog Titans (both spread and moneyline). SPORTSMAN called out the tournament preview in the community chat when it came out, and he seems to have now answered the selection committee’s call:

Happygambler currently occupies 2nd after cashing a $1,400 bet on the Milwaukee Bucks -6 against the Portland Trail Blazers. He holds a slight lead over SportX Finals champion MiamiSammy, who had a great night bookmaking after all the heavy bettor action came in on the Tennessee Titans!

BCrussmo takes fourth after cashing bets on the San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans, and a $200 bet on the heavy underdog Lakers to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder (without Lebron or AD). Pre-tournament “longshot” SF 69ers rounds out our top 5 after cashing a big bet on the 49ers. Gin & Tonic, Paddy B, JBKL197, Street Sweeper, Nhl_wagers, D.B. Cooper, and Big Money Hugh all finished in the green. The surprise of the day was pre-tournament favourites Mountain View Pitbulls and El Hefe both in the bottom 5, although it’s still extremely early.