Final Results

The Seattle Seahawks ended the San Francisco 49ers undefeated season in a wild Monday Night game that went to overtime, and in the process made the dreams of many SportX Redemption Challenge bettors come true. For the most part, the top finishers in the SportX Redemption Challenge 2.0 all had exposure on Seattle. Now without further ado…

Congratulations to the winner of the SportX Redemption Challenge… Winning.

Winning smartly decided to play it safe on the final day with his comfortable lead and was rewarded with his first ever championship, finishing with an extremely impressive +$1,416 profit over the five-day event. He’ll be adding an additional 500 DAI of tournament winnings to that performance, in addition to 791 SportX World Tour points, which should be enough to garner him his first ever top-25 World Tour ranking.

Patrick Butler makes one of the biggest comebacks we’ve ever seen, surging 40 spots on the final day thanks to a gutsy $600 bet on the Seattle Seahawks to win that cashed and moved him from the bottom of the leaderboard to second place. He finished +$946 on the tournament, with that one Seattle bet contributing the bulk of his winnings.

Chaggs88 finished his impressive 5-day showing well, adding $231 of profit to his tally on the final day to move up one spot and finish on the podium. Cashing a bet on Seahawks to pull of the upset helped him finish the tournament +$904, with NFL bets being the entirety of his profit.

Clem moved up a spot on the final day to take home fourth place thanks to a clutch night of betting in which he cashed 5/6 bets on the day, including going 3/3 on NBA bets. He finished the tournament +$847, with NBA contributing nearly $700 of that profit thanks to a ridicilous 44.7% ROI per NBA bet. 

Fasteddy fell three spots on the last day, trailing just behind Clem at +$809 on the tournament to round out our top 5. Slightly unlucky finish as he actually had a positive final day, grinding his way to a $50 profit on Monday. Fasteddy was the most accurate NBA bettor in the tournament by ROI %, finishing with an absurd 385% average ROI per NBA bet. 

Empress fell three spots on the final day to take home 6th, albeit finishing with a very solid five-day performance of +$676. SPORTSMAN fell one spot to 7th, BringerOfRain surged 24 spots into 8th, while Keemo and DeanBB maintained their spots at 9th and 10th, respectively. Big Money Hugh, Chardonnay, Joanthon, Thebetin monk, and Flying Hawaiian round out our top 15 prize pool.

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Day 4/5 Results

Lamar Jackson absolutely torched the Cincinnati Bengals, putting up 49 points in the 36-point victory. The Jets win in the battle for New York supremacy, while underdog Vikings took the Sunday night game over the Cowboys. Meanwhile, the Raptors showed they are legit title contenders with an impressive victory over the 10-point favourite Los Angeles Lakers on the back of a great team effort that saw six Raps score in double figures.

Winning made his big move on Sunday, surging up 27 spots into first place after winning an impressive 9/12 of his bets on the day across English Premier League, La Liga, and NFL. He sits at the top of the leaderboard at +$1,416, which is almost double the profit of second place. Fasteddy made a similarly impressive move on Sunday, jumping 18 spots into second. Empress trails right behind in third, a mere $1 behind, after nailing a few big tennis bets. Previous leader Chaggs88 had his first negative day of the tournament, falling to fourth position. Clem had a great day betting NBA and NHL as well, moving up nine spots to round out our top 5.

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Day 3/5 Results

Tons of movement on day three of the Redemption Challenge. Chaggs88 maintains his spot in lead after an inactive Saturday, while SPORTSMAN surges from 9th to 2nd spots into second after a number of NBA bets hit. Keemo trails just behind in third, at less than $20 away. Empress jumps four spots into fourth, while Big Money Hugh and Coach are in a virtual tie for fifth. We expect a ton of movement today as NFL Sunday has typically been “moving day” for SportX tournaments. Plus all the leaders have a history of getting in on some NFL action.

Day 2/5 Results

There was little movement at the top of the standings with no NFL games, and a relatively tame night of NBA and NHL. However, that should all change over the next two days. Chaggs88, Winning, Coach, and Big Money Hugh all maintained their respective first, second, third, and fourth place spots. Demar Died For Our Sins surged five spots to round out the top 5 after having a good night betting NHL. Lew’s Troops, DeanBB, Empress, SPORTSMAN, and Legends on the Loose round out the top 10.

More than half of the entrants in the Redemption Challenge have yet to bet, and the participant currently in 15th place – Billy Beaners Dynasty – has a negative $20 return. To put that into context, a participant in the Redemption Challenge could purposefully lose a $10 bet to land in 15th place, which is in line to earn $130 DAI of prize money!

Day 1/5 Results

Lots of activity on the first day of the Redemption Challenge 2.0 tournament, with most of it centered around the Thursday night NFL match-up between the Oakland Raiders vs. Los Angeles Chargers. Philip Rivers had one of his worst games of his career, throwing three interceptions as the Chargers dropped to 4-6 on the season after losing 26-24.

Chaggs88 jumps to an early lead after cashing a $734 bet on the Raiders, giving him a $445 lead. Winning sits in second place up $299 after cashing bets on the Raiders and the over. Coach, Big Money Hugh, and Empress round out the top 5. With only a third of total participants having bet so far, we expect a ton more movement in these rankings over the next few days.