The Masters Invitational is our most exclusive tournament ever, with only the top 30 in World Tour Rank being invited. First place takes home $3,000 of the $5,000 prize pool in this profit and loss tournament. World Rankings are available on the SportX Tour page.

In this article, we take a look at all of the qualifiers and their chances in this weekend’s Masters.

Tier 1: The Favorites

Mountain View Pitbulls, MiamiSammy, El Hefe, Kaleifornia, Glasser’s Picks

No surprises here. These are the participants who have won tournaments and consistently take home podium finishes.

SportX World #1 Mountain View Pitbulls is the most consistently dominant bettor on tour and leads this group with four top 10 finishes. But he hasn’t been able to take home a championship yet, finishing second place in three (!) different tournaments. Further, Mountain View has been on a hot streak to start 2020 and is flush with cash to make a run at gold.

MiamiSammy burst onto the scene after taking home the SportX Finals last month. That tournament was based on net return which tends to be more favourable to bookmakers. This will be his first profit/loss tournament and it is unknown how the newly crowned champion will fare under these different conditions.

Glasser’s Picks has been extremely consistent and took home his second podium finish last month in the Finals, but like Mountain View, hasn’t been able to take home a gold yet. Meanwhile, Kaleifornia, winner of two SportX Majors earlier in the Fall, was inactive during the SportX Finals and it’s uncertain whether he’ll show up for this Masters tournament.

That leaves El Hefe – the winner of the last major profit/loss tournament – as the likely favourite to win the Masters Invitational.

Tier 2: The Contenders

Happygambler, BCrussmo, Street Sweeper, Winning, The Eagle, SPORTSMAN, Gin & Tonic, JBKL 197

Best of the rest. This group often competes for podium finishes and consistently takes home prize money.

Happygambler leads the group in World Tour points, and looks like a real threat after taking home 3rd place in the Open Championship, the last profit/loss tournament, after posting an impressive 11-day profit of +$3,826. Street Sweeper lagged a little bit in the SportX Finals last month finishing outside the top-10. However, he has historically been very solid in previous profit/loss tournaments, so we’re expecting a bounce-back performance in the Masters. Winning – who won the smaller Redemption Challenge 2.0 tournament – has consistently contended and is a hot streak away from taking home this title.

The Eagle is SportX’s resident UFC expert, and with UFC 246 happening during the Masters, he has a chance to put his name atop the leaderboard run. SPORTSMAN is the loudest voice on the community chat, but also a strong bettor with the type of betting volatility to finish first (or last). Gin & Tonic consistently takes home top-10 finishes but needs bigger bet sizes to truly compete. BCrussmo, who tends to take big bets on his hometown favourite Arizona Cardinals, may have trouble with a reduced NFL schedule. Meanwhile, JBKL197 burst onto the scene last month with a 5th place finish in the SportX Finals. It will be interesting to see whether that translates into success in this profit-based tournament.

Tier 3: The Dark Horses

Kirby, Nhl_wagers, KenBermuda, VIPgogen, EL TORO, DAI4GOLD, Paddy B, Empress

The sleepers looking to breakout and take home the title. This group often competes for top-10 finishes with the rare podium finish among them.

KenBermuda is a consistent bettor who has held tournament leads after going on hot streaks. He narrowly missed out on a top-5 finish in the SportX Finals and could easily make a podium run. Kirby looks very solid here as well after taking home 9th and looks set to compete for a podium finish here as well.

VIPgogen would typically be in the contender category but has taken the last two tournaments off. EL TORO – like The Eagle – is an expert UFC bettor and has a large enough average bet size to take a crack at the crown with the massive UFC 246 happening during the tournament. DAI4GOLD is consistent but needs to step up the bet size to compete here. Paddy B and Empress were both solid and took home prize money finishes in the SportX Finals but will need a previously unseen breakout performance to compete for a podium finish here.

Tier 4: Longshots

SportX God, Gosster, Big Money Hugh, DOUBLEJ, SNOTROCKET, Joanthon, No Vaseline, Kryptonik

In any profit-based SportX tournament, anybody can catch a hot streak and go on a heater that sweeps them to victory. The participants in this category will be banking on that fact.

Any of SportX God, Gosster, Big Money Hugh, DOUBLEJ, SNOTROCKET, Joanthon, or No Vaseline can catch fire and take home the Masters title out of nowhere.

Kryptonik, the last participant to make the tournament cut, might actually have the best chance of this group as he has the largest average bet size, and has the volatility to come first or last!