Final Results

After 12 days of intense competition and our largest field of tournament participants ever, the final results are in!

And what a dramatic final day it was!

With the Dallas Cowboys staring down a 9-3 deficit to the New York Giants – a game that had massive consequences for the SportX Open standings – a black cat jumped onto the field. While many would say it was a bad omen, it was anything but that for the Cowboys. They would end up outscoring the Giants 34-9 the rest of the way to save their season and the tournament standing of many participants.

This includes SportX World #5 El Hefe, whose gutsy $1,400 bet on the Cowboys to cover the 7-point spread paid off, inching him ahead of SportX World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls in the process for the SportX Open Championship!

Congrats to our new winner, El Hefe!

This is his first career tournament win, second top-10 finish and third straight prize money finish, after taking home 5th place in the SportX Fall Classic and 17th in the Thanksgiving Cup. El Hefe has been a perennial contender on the SportX World Tour, so this result is not surprising in the least.

Mountain View Pitbulls takes his second 2nd place finish and third straight top-10 finish, establishing himself as the undisputed most consistent bettor on tour. Just as Phil Mickelson eventually won a major, it is simply a matter of time before MV Pitbulls claims his rightful place at the top of the mound.

Happygambler cruises to an extremely impressive third-place finish after winning $3,826 in profit over the course of the tournament. Happygambler had remarkable consistency over the tournament, never ranking outside the top three throughout the entire tournament.

DOUBLEJ finishes 4th on the tournament, which was a very solid performance for his first ever tournament. We’re excited to see whether this marks the emergence of a new contender on the tour.

SportX World #13 The Eagle takes home 5th place, his second straight top-5 finish after taking home the bronze medal at the Thanksgiving Cup last month. The Eagle is unique among our top 5 for being the only bettor to only bet one sport throughout the entire tournament – UFC in his case.

SportX World #14 Street Sweeper surged 4 spots on the last day to take home 6th place, which definitively breaks his tie with No Vaseline on the Tour points leaderboard. Big J finished less than $20 behind to take home 7th place, a very solid debut performance nonetheless. JazzyB, Ride or Die, and SportX World #16 Glasser’s Picks round out our top 10, all finishing within $20 of each other.

For anybody who didn’t finish in the top 25: you have been invited and auto-enrolled in the SportX Open Redemption Tournament this weekend! Compete against other participants in the SportX Open that didn’t place and win a share of the $3,000 prize pool! It starts on Thursday, with final results announced next Tuesday!

Day 11/12 Results

The Patriots lost their first game of the year to the Lamar Jackson-led Ravens, the San Francisco 49ers remiain the only undefeated team. Meanwhile the Buffalo Bills improve to 6-2, and everybody’s favourite driver Valteri Bottas won the American Grand Prix over teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Sunday lived up to it’s billing as tournament moving day with a ton of action everywhere except for at the top in the standings. SportX World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls remains our leader after improving to +$4,259 on the tournament after cashing a $500 bet on the Texans to beat the Jaguars and $380 bet on the Seahawks to beat the Buccaneers. SportX World #5 El Hefe moved into second after also cashing a big bet on the Texans to go with a $1,105 bet on the Lakers to beat the Spurs. Meanwhile, Happygambler trails just behind in third.

DOUBLEJ remains in fourth after being inactive on Sunday, with Habsfan rounding out our top 5 even after a negative day. The Eagle retains his spot at 6th after being inactive on Sunday, while JazzyB moved up 5 spots into 7th, with BigJ trailing behind by just $6 in 8th. Ride or Die surged up 12 spots into 9th, while the ever consistent Street Sweeper rounds out our top 10.

Today is the last day! Patrick Butler currently retains our last paid spot of 25th at +$99 on the tournament. That means for anyone looking to get into the money – simply $100 in profit might be enough to get you there!

Day 10/12 Results

SportX World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls extends his lead at the top to $1,200 after cashing both of his NHL bets yesterday. He was also helped by the rest of the top five having bad days. Happygambler maintains his spot at second even after losing $750 on the day after his bet on the Portland Trail Blazers to beat the 76ers missed. SportX World #5 El Hefe moved up a spot into third after a mixed day where he went 1/2 on NBA bets. He remains $300 off second.

Previous leader DOUBLEJ continues his recent mini-slide, falling one spot to fourth. This was surprising considering that early in the day he cashed a massive $1,500 bet on the underdog South Africa to beat England in the Rugby World Cup finals. Unfortunately, his other four bets on the day missed, sending him slightly into negative territory on the day and down one spot on the leaderboard. Newcomer Habsfan bursts onto the scene to round out our top five after a number of bets on NHL underdogs cash.

SportX World #13 The Eagle makes his move, surging up 43 spots into 6th after cashing 3 of his 4 bets on the UFC card. If his losing bet on Nate Diaz had cashed, we’d have a new number 2. GoWest, Minshew Mania, and SportX World #1 Kaleifornia each move down two spots. SportX World #16 Glasser’s Picks continues his recent rally from the bottom of the rankings to move into 10th place.

There was a number of big movers on the day besides The Eagle, with kirby rallying 60 spots into 18th, Patrick Butler moving up 45 spots into 27th, GMoney moving up 33 spots into 34th, and SNOTROCKET moving up 39 spots into 43rd.

Sunday has traditionally been moving day for SportX tournaments with the full slate of NFL games on deck.

Day 9/12 Results

After 8 straight days of battle between Happygambler and DOUBLEJ for the top spot, we finally have a leader: Mountain View Pitbulls. The SportX World #2 has made quite the climb considering that just five days ago, MV was in fourth last at -$330. Since then, a number of bets on heavy favourites have helped, including multiple $2000 bets on Rafael Nadal and taking the 49ers to beat the Cardinals on Thursday.

Happygambler is right on his tail, at less than $200 away in profit. It was his worst day of the tournament though, after losing $750 on the underdog Detroit Pistons to beat the Chicago Bulls. DOUBLEJ maintained his spot at third after not having bets settle on the day. SportX World #5 El Hefe maintained his spot at fourth, while climbing within $250 of DOUBLEJ after his $700 bet on the LA Lakers cashed. GoWest climbs one spot, even though he lost $200 yesterday, to round out our top 5

MinshewMania continues his climb up the rankings, moving up 2 spots to sixth, and less than $10 away from GoWest. SportX World #1 Kaleifornia maintained his spot at seventh, while KenBermuda falls to 8th. Street Sweeper and JazzyB round out our top 10. There were some big movers on the day outside the top 10, with Nhl_wagers climbing 17 spots into 12th and Timmmmy moving up 53 spots into 13th

Day 8/12 Results

Jimmy Garoppolo threw 4 touchdowns to keep the San Franscisco 49ers undefeated, beating the Arizona Cardinals 28-25. Kawhi Leonard got his annual dose of revenge against the San Antonio Spurs as the LA Clippers took home the W.

Happygambler reclaims his spot at the top of the leaderboard after going 2/2 on the night betting the overs on NBA games. It has been an absolute dogfight at the top of the leaderboard. World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls moves into second, with perennial leaderboard leader DOUBLEJ falling two spots to third. El Hefe maintains his spot at third while KenBermuda has his first negative day of the tournament, but maintains his spot at fifth.

Newcomer GoWest bursts onto the leaderboard at sixth, while SportX World #1 Kaleifornia finally makes a bet, cashing a moneyline bet on the LA Clippers to beat the San Antonio Spurs, and promptly returns to the top 10. Minshew Mania , JazzyB, and Glasser’s Picks round out our top 10.

We’re expecting heavy action this weekend and lots of movement in the standings. Buckle up!

Day 7/12 Results

The Washington Nationals are your 2019 World Series Champs after Howie Kendrick’s two-run moon shot in the seventh inning put them ahead for good. The Phoenix Suns beat the Golden State Warriors, and Stephen Curry broke his left hand in the process, turning a bad season into a nightmare.

DOUBLEJ maintains his spot at the top of the leaderboard, after a massive $4,400 bet on Rafael Nadal to beat Adrian Mannarino cashes, helping to erase an $800 loss on the Houston Astros to cover the spread. Happygambler made up a lot of ground yesterday though, moving to within $200 of first after a $1000 bet on the Nashville Predators and $540 bet on the  Over on the Pacers-Nets game cashed.

While these two have been battling the last few days, SportX World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls has quietly been consistently putting profitable days together. He gained $700 yesterday on a variety of NBA, NHL, and Tennis bets. This leaves him with a $150 lead on SportX World #5 El Hefe, who climbed two spots into fourth after his $1,257 bet on the Washington Nationals cashed. KenBermuda rounds out the top five after grinding his way to an unheard of seventh (!) straight day of profit.

Street Sweeper, Kirby, Minshew Mania, and DarkYonder all reside in the top ten. SportX World #16 Glasser’s Picks finally makes his move, surging 52 spots into 10th after his bet on the Washington Nationals cashes, combined with other wins in NHL. JazzyB made a similar jump, moving up 73 spots into 11th right behind him. Today is the last day of relative calm before the weekend storm. With the top 25 spots in the tournament earning prize money, we’re expecting a dog fight until Monday night!

Day 6/12 Results

Tuesday was a relatively tame day with the World Series taking center stage. The Nationals tied the series up 3-3 after a 7-2 win, which means we’re going to have a winner-take-all game 7 tonight for the World Series. Besides that, participants had lots of action on the ATP Paris event and the usual slate of NBA and NHL games.

DOUBLEJ maintains his place at the top of the leaderboard, but lost a little bit of his lead after the Houston Astros failed to cover the spread. Combining his $277 loss on the night with a profitable $1000 bet on the Nashville Predators from Happygambler, means that DOUBLEJ’s previously commanding lead has been halved to $597.

SportX World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls continues his acesnt up the leaderboard, surging 6 spots into third place after winning 5/5 NHL bets on the night. He maintains a lead of less than $100 over KenBermuda who falls to fourth even after posting his sixth straight day of profits. Kirby rounds out our top five after ripping up 5 spots from tenth. World ranked players El Hefe, D.B. Cooper, Street Sweeper, and DarkYonder trail just behind.

Day 5/12 Results

Good teams win, great teams cover. While the Miami Dolphins are definitely not a good team, they did just enough last night to cover the 14.5 point spread against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Golden State Warriors finally picked up their first win of the season, while the Toronto Raptors won and covered the spread against the Orlando Magic.

Five days in and we finally have a new leader! DOUBLEJ continues his surge up the leaderboard after cashing a $1500 bet on the Dolphins to cover the 14.5 point spread against the Steelers. He passes perennial leader Happygambler, who falls to second after suffering his first loss of the week when the Utah Jazz lost to the Phoenix Suns.

KenBermuda maintains his spot at third after grinding to his fifth straight day of profit after winning 11 of 16 bets on the day. SportX World #6 SNOTROCKET maintains his spot at fourth after a solid day as well. SportX World #25 DarkYonder breaks into our top five for the first time after cashing a $1100 bet on Adrian Mannarino to beat Casper Ruud. A slew of contenders trail just behind, with D.B. Cooper, Minshew Mania, Legends on the Loose, and World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls within $100.


Day 4/12 Results

Sunday has historically been moving day on the SportX World Tour, and yesterday didn’t disappoint. This was especially the case yesterday as it was the only day of the year in which there were NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games on at the same time.

Happygambler continues his run of dominance at the top after cashing a $1000 bet on the San Francisco 49ers to cover the 5.5 point spread against the Carolina Panthers. This is now the fourth day in a row that Happygambler has laid a large bet on a game and won. How long can he keep this up?

The previous mainstay at second, El Hefe falls 37 spots after a disastrous day. Taking his place is DOUBLEJ, who continues his surge up the rankings after winning 4/5 bets including a $2400 bet on South Africa to beat Wales in the Rugby World Cup.

KenBermuda grinds a small profit on the day to maintain his spot at third, although he is now almost $2000 away from second. SNOTROCKET is the big mover on the day, ripping up 60 spots in the rankings to take fourth place. World #12 D.B. Cooper wins all six of his bets (he’s now 8/9 on the tournament) to move up four spots to round out our top 5. Kirby remains less than $10 behind at sixth.

World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls steadies the ship, climbing back into profit and moving up 58 spots into 11th. World #1 Kaleifornia has yet to bet.

Day 3/12 Results

Once again, tons of activity with Saturday again breaking the single-day record for volume on the SportX exchange. Similar to yesterday, there was lots of movement overall in the rankings, except for at the top.

Happygambler capped off a third straight day of profits with a bold $1000 bet on the Toronto Raptors to cover the 3-point spread against the Chicago Bulls (they won by 24). SportX World #5 El Hefe maintained his spot at second with a third straight day of profit, owing in part to his own $600 bet on the Raptors to win. KenBermuda grinded his way to a third straight day of profit as well after going 8/15 on the day in bets. He maintains his spot at third.

DoubleJ is the big mover of the day, moving up 63 spots from dead last to 4th place, after generating $2,400 in profits on Saturday. These profits came from a variety of places with a combination of NHL, CFL, and NBA all contributing. Kirby grinded up a one spot to round out our top 5 after a big bet on the Houston Astros cashed.

It’s worth mentioning that World #10 SPORTSMAN, World #14 Street Sweeper, World #12 D.B. Cooper, and World #20 Gin & Tonic make up the next four spots in the rankings.

Day 2/12 Results

Tons of activity on the second day of the SportX Open, with Friday setting a new single-day record for volume on the SportX exchange. With that being said, there was surprisingly little movement at the top of SportX rankings. Most of the action centered around game 3 of the World Series where the Houston Astros cruised to a decisive 4-1 victory over the Washington Nationals to cut the Nats series lead to 2-1.

Happygambler had a big day to extend his lead at the top, cashing a $600 bet on the underdog Dallas Mavericks to beat the New Orleans Pelicans straight up. El Hefe kept up the pace as well, cashing a $665 bet on the Portland Trail Blazers to beat the Sacramento Kings, combined with a smaller bet on the Astros to cover the spread. He maintains his spot at second, trailing Happygambler by $130.

KenBermuda moved up 7 spots to take the third spot after going an impressive 6/6 on the night on a variety of NBA and NHL bets. He is now 9/9 on the tournament, though his average bet size is relatively small. Winning maintains his spot at fourth, though he trails KenBermuda by less than $10. Street Sweeper jumps into the top 5 after a big bet on the Houston Astros cashes.

Day 1/12 Results

Lots of activity on the first day of the SportX Open, with most of it centered around a pair of marquee NBA games and the Thursday Night Football. The Vikings crushed the hopes and dreams of a lot of bettors after failing to convert on a late 4th quarter red zone opportunity, thus failing to cover the 16-point spread.

World #100 happygambler grabs the lead on the first day after a bold $700 bet on the Nashville Predatoxrs cashed. Can this surprise upstart maintain his lead through the weekend?

Consistent top performer El Hefe trails by just $11 after going 2 for 2 on his NBA picks. SportX World #20 Gin & Tonic occupies the third spot after a strong 4/6 night across NBA, NHL and NFL. Winning and World #4 BCrussmo rounding out a competitive top 5.

See the full standings below: