SportX is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Coinswitch!

This integration allows SportX users to convert over 300+ cryptocurrencies into DAI via CoinSwitch. By integrating CoinSwitch directly into the SportX exchange, users can take advantage of CoinSwitch’s pricing algorithm to convert in and out of DAI within minutes.

Explore the SportX Dapp

Swap Coins via CoinSwitch

Step 1: Select “Convert Any Crypto into DAI” from the SportX Deposit page

Step 2: Select the coin you would like to send and the amount to be swapped, and press the Exchange button

Step 3: Send the coins and your transaction will be completed in 5–10 minutes

About CoinSwitch is a two-year-old cryptocurrency exchange aggregation service. It allows users to buy over 300 coins by comparing rates across top exchanges like Binance, Huobi, HitBTC, KuCoin, and IDEX without needing to create an account on these exchanges. Additionally, users can send and receive funds to their own wallets without worrying about storing them on a centralized exchange.

Coins supported by Coinswitch 

Bitcoin – BTC
Ethereum – ETH
Binance Coin – BNB
Ripple – XRP
Litecoin – LTC
Cardano – ADA
Tron – TRX
Verge – XVG
Neo – NEO
0x – ZRX
VeChain – VET
Qtum – QTUM
Zilliqa – ZIL
Ethereum Classic – ETC
Hypercash – HC
ælf – ELF
Ontology – ONT
AdEx – ADX
Aragon – ANT
Ark – ARK
Basic Attention Token – BAT
Bancor – BNT
TenX – PAY
BitSend – BSD
Clams – CLAM
CloakCoin – CLOAK
Civic – CVC
Dash – DASH
Decred – DCR
Gas – GAS
DigiByte – DGB
DigixDAO – DGD
District0x – DNT
Dogecoin – DOGE
Edgeless – EDG
Lisk – LSK
Waves – WAVES
Factom – FCT
Funfair – FUN
GameCredits – GAME
Gnosis – GNO
Golem – GNT
Matchpool – GUP
Humaniq – HMQ
Internet of People – IOP
Komodo – KMD
LBRY Credits – LBC
Bitcoin Gold – BTG
Lunyr – LUN
Siacoin – SIA
Decentraland – MANA – MCO
Melon – MLN
Metal – MTL
NAV Coin – NAV
Neblio – NEBL
Gulden – NLG
Numeraire – NMR
Nxt – NXT
OKCash – OK
OmiseGO – OMG
Pivx – PIVX
PotCoin – POT
Radium – RADS
ReddCoin – RDD
Augur – REP

….and many many more!

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