The SportX Finals is our biggest tournament ever, with a record-breaking $20,000 DAI prize pool. It’s poised to be our biggest field of participants ever as well, with over 200 users already signed up with still a couple days to go. With 40,000 SportX World Tour points ready to be distributed as well, we’re expecting the Tour rankings to be permanently shaken up from this tournament.

In this article, we take a look at each of the top 20 ranked SportX bettors on the Tour and break down their betting style and what that means for their chances in the SportX Finals Championship that starts on December 8th and runs until December 29th.

1) Kaleifornia

World Tour Points: 4,960
Specialty: NFL

After rising to a dominating position at the top of the rankings with back-to-back victories in the first two major tournaments (SportX Fall Classic and SportX Thanksgiving Cup), Kaleifornia has begun to stumble recently after failing to take home prize money in both the SportX Open and Redemption Challenge. The SportX Open was especially brutal, with Kaleifornia finishing 80th with a -$650 performance. Will we see a bounce-back performance or does this signal the beginning of the end of Kaleifornia’s reign?

2) Mountain View Pitbulls

World Tour Points: 4,205
Specialty: Tennis, NFL

Mountain View Pitbulls is the most consistent participant on the entire SportX World Tour, booking top 10 finishes in all three majors and second place finishes in two of them. Mountain View is also consistent across sports, sporting positive ROIs across NBA, NHL, and Tennis. He has significantly closed the gap in terms of World Tour points on Kaleifornia, with another strong finish likely vaulting him ahead for good. We’re excited to see whether this is finally the tournament that Mountain View breaks through to take home gold.

3) El Hefe

World Tour Points: 4,191
Specialty: MLB

El Hefe’s gutsy $1,400 bet on the Cowboys on the last day of the SportX Open was enough to inch him ahead of Mountain View for the win and putting him in a virtual tie with Mountain View in World Tour points. Similar to Mountain View, El Hefe has been extremely consistent, booking prize money finishes in his last three tournaments. MLB has historically been El Hefe’s bread and butter, having contributed approximately half of his profits in the SportX Open. It will be interesting to see whether El Hefe can continue to win now that MLB season is over.

4) The Eagle

World Tour Points: 1,352
Specialty: UFC

The Eagle followed up his impressive 3rd place debut showing in the Thanksgiving Cup with a 5th place showing in the SportX Open Championship. This performance not only secured him more prize money, but also launched him up 9 spots in the World Tour Rankings into the top five. The Eagle is one of two resident UFC experts on SportX, with the entirety of his profits on the platform coming from UFC. He has some major ground to make up in terms of World Tour points to catch-up to the trifecta in the top 3, though his recent performances point to more.

5) happygambler

World Tour Points: 1,275
Specialty: NFL, NHL, NBA

Happygambler was the most consistent bettor during the SportX Open Championship, never ranking outside the top three throughout the entire tournament. He cruised to a third-place finish after posting an 11-day total of +$3,826 profit. This podium finish was enough to push him from outside the top 100 in World Tour points into the top 5, where he remains less than 100 points from The Eagle.

6) Street Sweeper

World Tour Points: 1,270
Specialty: MLB, NBA

Street Sweeper surged four spots on the last of the SportX Open to take home 6th place, which coincidentally was enough to push him into 6th place on the World Tour rankings as well. Similar to El Hefe, MLB has been a major contributor of profits across his past tournaments, which could prove to be a challenge now that we’re out of season. NBA was a bright spot however. He is in a virtual tie for 5th, laying a mere 5 points behind happygambler in the World Tour rankings.

7) VIPgogen

World Tour Points: 1,253
Specialty: MLB, Tennis, NFL

VIPgogen continues to tumble down the SportX World tour rankings due to inactivity after his podium finish in the Fall Classic secured him his current points. Tennis and MLB have been his mainstay sports, which are both out of season right now, which indicates to us that he may be a no-show once again.

8) NHL_wagers

World Tour Points: 1,213
Specialty: NHL

NHL_wagers continued his strong showing in SportX tournaments, after taking home a solid 14th place prize money finish in the SportX Open. With NHL season in full-swing, and no more MLB or Tennis, NHL_wagers is poised for another strong showing in the SportX Finals. We’re looking to see whether he can post his first podium finish after solid, but unspectacular showings in the past.

9) Glasser’s Picks

World Tour Points: 1,063
Specialty: MLB, NFL, Bookmaking

The King of Bookmaking on SportX, Glasser’s Picks showed everyone why he is a perennial contender in the SportX Open. After stumbling out of the blocks during the first half of the tournament and residing at the bottom of the standings, Glasser’s Picks rallied hard in the back-half of the Open to somehow take home a top 10 finish. There will be headwind for Glasser’s Picks in the SportX Finals given there’s no MLB, though his strong recent NFL betting performance means he cannot be counted out. We’re still waiting on a podium finish from Glasser as well.

10) Gosster

World Tour Points: 827
Specialty: F1

Gosster was solid during the SportX Open, but just missed out on a prize money finish after placing 27th in the tournament. As SportX’s resident Formula 1 expert, the SportX Finals may be a challenge for Gosster with F1 now out of season until March.

11) D.B. Cooper

World Tour Points: 1,030
Specialty: NFL

D.B. Cooper moves up to 11th in the World Tour thanks to another solid 16th place prize money finish in the SportX Finals. This was D.B.’s third straight top 20 finish in a tournament, thanks again to consistently accurate NFL bets. We’re still waiting to see whether D.B. can break out and take home a podium finish.

12) BCrussmo

World Tour Points: 1,018
Specialty: NFL

After breaking onto the scene to take a top-5 World Tour ranking off the back of a second place in the Thanksgiving Cup, BCrussmo has been lagging recently. His relatively poor showing in the SportX Open was followed up with a last place finish in the Redemption 2.0 Challenge. Once again, it seems BCrussmo lives or dies by the weekly performance of his beloved Arizona Cardinals team. If Kyler Murray heats up in December, watch for BCrussmo to surge up the rankings.


World Tour Points: 996
Specialty: MLB

DAI4GOLD continues his recent fall down the SportX World Tour rankings, even after a solid top-20 finish in the SportX Open. MLB has been DAI4GOLD’s most important profit center in the past, so it will be interesting to see whether he can compete now that it is out of season.

14) RPatrick

World Tour Points: 935
Specialty: MLB

RPatrick is the most volatile bettor on the tour, balancing a 4th place and 13th place finish in the Thanksgiving Cup and SportX Open, with a last place finish in the Fall Classic. Similar to others on the Tour, RPatrick is going to be challenged by the lack of MLB games to bet on, given that this has been his historically most profitable sport.


World Tour Points: 908
Specialty: MMA, NFL

SNOTROCKET had a rough SportX Open, finishing 82nd after his profitable bets in NFL and MMA were more than erased due to heavy losses in NBA. Besides NBA though, SNOTROCKET has historically been very accurate bettor with high ROIs on a limited bankroll. We expect a comeback performance in the SportX Finals.


World Tour Points: 893
Specialty: Rugby, NBA

DOUBLEJ is one of the exciting contenders in the SportX Finals. DOUBLEJ took home a 4th place finish in his debut performance at the SportX Open, thanks extremely impressive performance betting the Rugby World Cup and NBA. While there is no Rugby games on during the SportX Finals, there’s lots of NBA games available, meaning DOUBLEJ is a strong contender once again.

17) Winning

World Tour Points: 853
Specialty: EPL, NFL

Winning makes his inaugural entrance into the World Tour rankings after taking home the win in the Redemption Challenge 2.0 tournament. Winning blew away the competition, taking the top prize with a 7-day profit of +$1,416. With NFL and English Premier League contributing the bulk of his profits in the tournament, Winning is set-up well to do well in the SportX Finals.

18) SportX God

World Tour Points: 848
Specialty: NFL, NBA

SportX God maintains his spot at 18th in the World Tour Rankings after after coincidentally finishing 18th in the SportX Open, thanks to smart bets on both the NFL and NBA. SportX God typically has one of the bigger bankrolls in the tournament, giving him the necessary firepower to make a move in the rankings if he’s able to find a market to unleash it on.


World Tour Points: 830
Specialty: NFL, NBA

SPORTSMAN had his worst performance of the year in the SportX Open, finishing 92nd after posting an 11-day total profit of -$1,505. He bounced back though with a solid 6th place finish in the Redemption Challenge 2.0 tournament to keep his top 20 World Tour rank. SPORTSMAN is the loudest member of the SportX community, we’re waiting to see whether this will finally translate into a podium finish in a SportX tournament.


World Tour Points: 785
Specialty: UFC

EL TORO has recently been supplanted by The Eagle as SportX’s pre-eminent UFC expert after a mediocre 88th place finish in the SportX Open. After his impressive back-to-back top 10 finishes in the Fall Classic and Thanksgiving Cup, El Toro has been on a bit of slide. We’re eager to find out whether that was temporary turbulence or the start of a permanent slide into irrelevancy.