The Summer Standoff is our first major post-Covid tournament with $2,500 in prize money up for grabs. In this article, we take a look at some of the top participants and their chances of winning the Summer Standoff.

Tier 1: The Favorites

MV Pitbulls, AG, El Hefe

No surprises here. These are the participants who have won tournaments and consistently take home podium finishes.

SportX World #1 MV Pitbulls is the most consistently dominant bettor on SportX. He’s fresh off taking home gold in the $500 Sunny Days tournament; albeit it was mostly thanks to AG blowing up. MV Pitbulls has to be considered the favorite every time SportX holds a tournament due to both his accuracy and bankroll. 

AG (formerly HappyGambler), with four top-10s to his name and one tournament win, is a threat every tournament he enters. He was running away with the win in the Summer Standoff before a number of bets went against him on Sunday, dropping him to third. We’re expecting a rebound performance this weekend.

El Hefe has been MIA since the Covid-induced break. He’s long been a major contender on the SportX World Tour; we’ll have to see if he makes a comeback this weekend. If he does participate, expect to see him near the top of the leaderboard.

Tier 2: The Contenders

Glasser’sPicks, SPORTSMAN 2.0, Street Sweeper Jr 

Best of the rest. This group often competes for podium finishes and consistently takes home prize money.

Glasser’s Picks has been extremely consistent but hasn’t been able to take home a gold yet. He’s been slow out of the gate since the SportX tournament re-launch, likely due to his most profitable leagues (MLB and NHL) being out of commission. MMA is his third best league though, and UFC 251 will have lots of opportunities.   

Even after finishing dead last in the Summer Standoff, SPORTSMAN 2.0 has to still be considered a contender for the Summer Standoff. SPORTSMAN 2.0 is the most volatile participant in all of SportX; he will quite literally either finish first or last. His style is marked by massive bets and volume; which should bode well for the Net Return-style tournament. 

Street Sweeper Jr has historically performed well on the profit/loss tournaments, and last weekend was no different as he came out of nowhere to take home the silver medal thanks to a big Sunday surge. The Summer Standoff is a net return tournament though, so it’s still up in the air whether he’s able to perform as well.

Tier 3: The Dark Horses

SportX God, srichardson40, EL TORO, Gin & Tonic 

The sleepers looking to breakout and take home the title. This group often competes for top-10 finishes with the rare podium finish among them. 

SportX God is a fringe contender as he took home the W in the initial Quarantine Cup tournament and third-place in the Weekend Special, but we don’t know how that success will translate to the bigger, more competitive Summer Standoff event. 

srichardson40 is a relative newcomer but made his presence known in our last tournament as he took home a surprising 4th place finish.

EL TORO is SportX’s resident UFC expert, and with UFC 251 taking place during the tournament, he has a good chance to put his name atop the leaderboard.

Gin & Tonic has been a consistent performer in the mini-tournaments that have been held since the Covid-break. With multiple top-10 performances so far. We’ll see if they can up their average bet size to be able to truly compete.