Final Results

When Jamaal Williams chose to slide at the 3-yard line rather than score a game-winning touchdown with less than a minute to play, a howl echoed around Lambeau Field.

There were thousands of ecstatic Packers fans who watched their team complete the comeback after falling behind by 13 points early in the game.

But there were also thousands of unhappy bettors. As time expired, Green Bay kicked the game-winning field goal. Final score: 23-22.

If Jamaal had scored a touchdown instead of sliding, both Packers spread bettors (-4.5) and Over 47 bettors would have won big. Instead, Green Bay picks up the ML, the Lions cover the spread, and the under hits on the point total.

Gotta love Monday Night Football.

This game had massive consequences for the Thanksgiving Cup leaderboard.

Kaleifornia jumps from 18th to first after hitting on a massive bet on the Green Bay Packers to win. If the Packers had lost, he would have finished dead last by a sizeable amount. Kaleifornia seems to be a believer of the Ricky Bobby philosophy of “if you ain’t first, you’re last.” This is his second SportX World Tour Win, after also winning the $10,000 SportX Fall Classic.

BCrussmo opted to play it safe and not bet today, finishing second. The Eagle finishes third, finishing a mere $18 from second. RPatrick falls to fourth, while DarkYonder finishes fifth.

D.B. Cooper cashed a small bet to move ahead of serge_69 and take home 6th place. SPORTSMAN and Gin & Tonic fall one spot each, while World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls jumps two spots to round out the top 10.

Chardonnay, No Vaseline, Timmmmmy, Mike Lowry, Mo, BringerOfRain, El Hefe (formerly world #6 GOATJAMES23), The Billy Beaners 2.0, DangerZone, and joanthon round out the top 20, and each will receive prizes as well.

Thanks to everyone for another great tournament. Check out the updated SportX World Tour rankings here.

Reminder that the SportX Open Championship starts in 10 days! We expect this to be our biggest tournament yet. Everyone that participated in the Thanksgiving Cup will be automatically registered for the $10,000 SportX Open.

October 14th – Day 5/6

Crazy day of NFL games. Houston Texans upset the Chiefs after Deshaun Watson throws for 3 touchdowns. Redskins eke out a 1-point victory over the Dolphins in the Tank for Tua bowl. The Saints hold QB Gardner Minshew touchdown-less, beating the Jaguars 13-6. Kyler Murray leads the Cardinals to a 1-point victory over the Falcons, and the Jets upset the Cowboys.

BCrussmo is our new number 1, jumping 58 spots into first place after cashing a $1400 bet on the Arizona Cardinals to beat the Falcons! The Eagle falls to second after not placing any bets on Sunday, although he remains less than $20 from first. RPatrick grinded a $20 day of profit after a number of NFL bets, but falls to third due to BCrussmo’s surge. DarkYonder moves up 59 spots into 4th after going three for three on NFL bets, including a big bet on Carolina to cover a -2 spread.

Serge_69 and D.B. Cooper are in a virtual tie for 5th and 6th, respectively, with SPORTSMAN less than $5 away from each. Newcomer Gin & Tonic breaks into the top 10 for the first time, while perennial contender Chardonnay lost $150 betting NFL, sending him down to 9th. Minshew Mania had a great day, going three for three on NFL bets to move into the top 10 for the first time.

The SportX World #1 and World #2 – Kaleifornia and Mountain View Pitbulls – are lurking just outside of the top 10. We’ll have to see whether they make a Monday night surge. One more day to go!

Final standings will be posted tomorrow morning.

October 13th – Day 4/6

Lots of movement on Saturday. The New York Yankees take game 1 at home in their series with the Houston Astros; the Maple Leafs redeem themselves with a 5-2 win over the Detroit Red Wings; and USC lose 30-27 to Notre Dame, but cover the +11 point spread. Good teams win, great teams cover.

The Eagle comes out swinging and takes the top spot, taking home $1,500 of profit on Saturday off a number of profitable bets during UFC Fight Night. Most important was a massive bet on Cub Swanson to beat Kron Gracie that cashed after Cub took home a decision. We’ll have to see if anyone challenges The Eagle in these last two days, and whether he’s forced to venture out to other sports to maintain his top spot.

RPatrick and serge_69 slip to second and third respectively, after not having any bets on Saturday settle. D.B. Cooper, Chardonnay, and World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls maintaining their spots at fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively. Each of them did make up some ground though with profitable Saturdays. Chardonnay is now less than $10 behind D.B. Cooper for fourth.

Winning makes a dramatic jump from fourth last (65th place) to 8th after going 6 for 7 on NCAA football bets. Mo makes his way into the top 10 for the first time as well from 35th, after cashing a +132 $200 bet on the Maple Leafs to cover their -1.5 spread. SportX fan favourite SPORTSMAN takes the ninth place, with newcomer New Vaseline rounding out the top 10 at 10th. World #1 Kaleifornia continues to lurk near at 12th, with NFL Sunday coming right up.

Please note that due to the timing, the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix results are not counted in today’s rankings, but will be tomorrow.

October 12th – Day 3/6

RPatrick maintains his lead at the top after a third straight day of being in the green, thanks to a $120 bet on the Washington Nationals to beat the St. Louis Cardinals.

serge_69 moves up from 6th place into second place after going two for two on his bets, cashing in on the New York Islanders and Colorado State. DarkYonder moves up from 9th place into third after cashing a $300 bet on Matteo Berrettini to cover the +3 spread against Dominic Thiem (Matteo Berrettini won the match). D.B. Cooper falls from third to fourth, but trails DarkYonder by just $10. Chardonnay falls from second to fifth place, after losing a $150 bet on Dominic Thiem.

There’s a pack of contenders rounding out the top 10, with World #2 Mountain View Pitbulls less than $5 away from Chardonnay after not betting yesterday. Up-and-comer Empress climbs into the top 10 for the first time this tournament, after shrewd bets on the Nationals to win and on Oregon to cover a -20.5 point spread.

Street Sweeper falls from fourth to eighth place, but trails Empress by less than a dollar for seventh place. World #10 Glasser’s Picks climbed out of the basement to re-establish himself as a contender, climbing 47 (!!) spots to ninth place. He is the most active bettor in the top 10 by volume, continuing a prolific run as a bookmaker.

Stone Dofen rounds out our top 10, climbing 5 spots off a Nationals bet. World #1 Kaleifornia lurks near the top at 13th place. We expect to see a ton of movement today and tomorrow on a full slate of NCAA football and NFL games.

Check out the full standings below. 

October 11th – Day 2/6

Betting volume increased from the opening day of the Thanksgiving Cup, with most of it centered on the Thursday night NFL game between the Patriots and Giants.

And wow… what a game. No one saw Brady getting bailed out by his defense the way he did, with a blocked punt returned for a touchdown and three forced interceptions. The NHL game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Tampa Bay Lightning was also heavily bet, in which the Leafs got pumped 7-3.

RPatrick moves up from second off the back of a +$800 day of profit, with most of his profit comping from a $900 bet on the Houston Astros to cover the -1.5 spread against the Tampa Bay Rays to clinch the ALDS.

Chardonnay falls to second even after posting a very solid $190 day in profit, with successful bets on Alexander Zverev to beat Andrey Rublev and on the Patriots to cover the spread.

D.B. Cooper had a great day as well, posting a solid $150 in profit, mostly owing from a string of solid NCAA Football bets. He maintains his spot in third.

There’s a string of new contenders behind this top three, with Street Sweeper, world #2 Mountain View Pitbulls, newcomer serge_69, and Winning nipping at the heels. World #1 Kaleifornia sits just outside of the top 10 in twelfth.

Check out the full standings below.

October 10th – Day 1/6

Lots of activity on the first day of the Thanksgiving Cup, with most of it centered on the Shanghai Masters tournament and the two MLB playoff games. The Washington Nationals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers game was the most active of all, with almost 25% of Tournament participants betting on that one game. Suffice to say, it led to a lot of movement.

Chardonnay takes the early lead after going four for four on tennis bets on the Shanghai Masters, correctly betting on:

  • Stefanos Tsitsipas to beat Felix Auger Alliasime
  • Roberto Bautista Agut to beat Reilly Opelka
  • Alexander Zverev to beat Jeremy Chardy
  • Dominic Thiem to beat Pablo Carreno-Busta

Shanghai Masters is now in the round of sixteen, and ends on Sunday so there’s plenty of time for Chardonnay to keep betting on Tennis throughout this tournament. It should be noted though, that all four of his bets were on relatively big favourites, which is a strategy that may not be available later on in the tournament as the field winnows down.

RPatrick is less than $20 dollars behind after going 2/3 on MLB bets, including a bet on Over 7 runs in game 5 of the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers Division series. RPatrick can thank pitcher Clayton Kershaw for his epic blow-up in the eighth inning for that win. Key lesson from this MLB postseason, never bet the under on a game Clayton is pitching.

D.B. Cooper rounds out our top 3, finishing less than $3 away from second place. This profit comes from going 4/4 on Tennis bets, including correctly betting the under on three matches. This was likely done in order to get better odds than betting on the money line or spread if D.B. expected a blowout – which is what ended up happening on the three matches.