With the Thanksgiving Cup Tournament behind us and the SportX Open Championship starting in a week, it’s time for another round of the SportX World Tour power rankings!

In this article, we take a look at each of the top 25 ranked SportX players and break down their betting style and what that means for their chances in the SportX Open Championship that starts on October 24th.

1) Kaleifornia

World Tour Points: 4,947
Specialty: NFL

Kaleifornia once again tops our list after winning the Thanksgiving Cup and bagging 1,649 Tour points and $1,000 DAI of prize money; he has now won the last two major SportX tournaments! Kaleifornia’s specialty continues to be betting big NFL favourites.

His bet on the Green Bay Packers to beat the Detroit Lions on the Monday night game helped seal his victory in the Thanksgiving Cup after the Packers won on a last-second field goal. Can Kaleifornia pull off an unprecedented three-peat by winning the SportX Open?

2) Mountain View Pitbulls

World Tour Points: 2,226
Specialty: Tennis

Mountain View Pitbulls maintains his spot as number 2 in the SportX World Tour after taking home a solid 10th place finish in the Thanksgiving Cup. Key to his victory was going two for two on tennis, with bets on Stefanos Tsitsipas and Roger Federer winning their respective Round of 16 matches in the Shanghai Open.

Those two bets combined with some minor profits on NFL proved the difference. With no major tennis tournaments during the SportX Open, will Mountain View Pitbulls be able to challenge Kaleifornia for supremacy?

3) VIPgogen

World Tour Points: 1,253
Specialty: NFL, MLB, Tennis

VIPgogen chose to sit out the Thanksgiving Cup, and while he maintains his spot at #3 in the World Tour, there a bevy of contenders not far behind. VIPgogen was one of the most consistent bettors in the Fall Classic, finishing each day in top 10 throughout the majority of the tournament.

4) BCrussmo

World Tour Points: 1,007
Specialty: NFL

BCrussmo is our first newcomer on this list, after coming out of nowhere to take home second place in the Thanksgiving Cup. Key to his performance was a ballsy $1,400 bet on the underdog Arizona Cardinals to beat the Atlanta Falcons on the Sunday that cashed. This one bet alone propelled him from 59th place into first, before being passed on the last day by Kaleifornia.

With the Arizona Cardinals playing the New Orleans Saints on Sunday the 49ers on the Thurday, will lightning strike twice and BCrussmo risk it all on the Cards to win?

5) El Hefe

World Tour Points: 893
Specialty: MLB

El Hefe climbs two World Tour ranks to #5 after a solid top 20 (in the money) finish in the Thanksgiving Cup. This is doubly impressive considering that El Hefe walked into the last day of the tournament in 66th, and walked away with a top 20 finish after cashing some timely bets on the Washington Nationals to beat the St. Louis Cardinals.

MLB remains El Hefe’s bread and butter, with over $1,000 of combined MLB profit in the Fall Classic and Thanksgiving Cup. Will El Hefe be able to sustain this performance now that MLB games are becoming fewer and farther between?


World Tour Points: 890
Specialty: NFL

SNOTROCKET is a mere three points behind El Hefe at #6 in the World Tour, after choosing to not participate in the Thanksgiving Cup and therefore not accruing any points. SNOTROCKET was the most profitable NFL bettor during the Fall Classic after netting around $1,800 of profit from just $2,600 of bets.

Similar to Kaleifornia, SNOTROCKET made a late push up the standings, moving from outside of the top 50 into the top five from a number of shrewd Sunday and Monday night NFL bets. The key question surrounding SNOTROCKET is the same facing VIPgogen: will he participate and fight to maintain his ranking, or will he allow others to pass him?

7) NHL_wagers

World Tour Points: 837
Specialty: NHL

NHL_wagers falls one spot in the rankings after finishing just outside the top 20 in the Thanksgiving Cup. With that being said, he was still profitable during the tournament thanks to a number of shrew NHL bets.

NHL_wagers remains a mere 53 points behind SNOTROCKET for 6th and 56 points behind El Hefe for 5th, which means that if he beats either of them in relative rankings in the SportX Open, he can make a run for a top 5 ranking. With NHL season heating up, will NHL_wagers make a run at a top showing in the SportX Open?

8) Gosster

World Tour Points: 827
Specialty: F1

Gosster, the winner of the $2,500 Redemption Challenge tournament, didn’t participate in the Thanksgiving Cup and therefore fell one spot to #8. After finishing in the red (-$178) and outside of the top 50 in the Fall Classic, Gosster was the runaway winner of the Redemption Challenge, almost tripling the profit of the second with a three-day profit of +$930.

With Gosster specializing in Formula 1 betting, will he compete for a top spot for the SportX Open with the Mexican Grand Prix coinciding with the tournament?


World Tour Points: 777
Specialty: UFC

EL TORO falls one spot in the rankings after finishing 25th in the Thanksgiving Cup and just missing out on prize money. It was a decent showing though, with bets on heavy favourites Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Marvin Vettori cashing in the UFC Fight Night 161. EL TORO is SportX’s resident UFC expert, which sets him up extremely well for the SportX Open with two major UFC events on during the tournament, including the highly anticipated fight between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal for the unofficial title of “baddest motherfucker.”

Similar to the participants just above, EL TORO doesn’t trail one of the top 5 spots by that many points, meaning a good showing in the SportX Open would vault him multiple ranks higher. Will UFC 243 be the event where EL TORO finally takes home a SportX Tournament win?


World Tour Points: 709
Specialty: NFL, MLB

SPORTSMAN is well known in the SportX discord group as the guy that only talks in ALL CAPS, but it’s less well known that he’s actually been a solid bettor. SPORTSMAN took home 8th place in the Thanksgiving Cup, which when combined with a 12th place in the SportX Fall Classic, was enough to put SPORTSMAN into the top 10 of the SportX World Tour for the first time.

SPORTSMAN is primarily an NFL and MLB bettor, but also had a small bet on Stefanos Tsitsipas to beat Novak Djokovic at +572 that cashed as well. Will the SportX Open be the event where SPORTSMAN breaks out into the top 5?


World Tour Points: 686
Specialty: MLB

DAI4GOLD drops two spots after a mediocre performance in the Thanksgiving Cup, finishing 30th and outside of the prize pool. DAI4GOLD remains less than 20 points behind SPORTSMAN though thanks to a strong run in the Fall Classic that was the result of a late slew of winning MLB bets.

With MLB games fewer and farther between, we’ll have to see whether DAI4GOLD can regain their footing.

12) D.B. Cooper

World Tour Points: 680
Specialty: NFL

D.B. Cooper moves up to 12th in the World Tour thanks to a 6th place finish in the Thanksgiving Cup, and taking home a top 20 finish in the SportX Fall Classic. D.B. Cooper is a prolific NFL bettor, with $522 of profit coming coming from just $1,390 of NFL bets during the Thanksgiving Cup (37.5% ROI).

With that being said, D.B. Cooper was also a profitable Tennis (+$153) and NHL (+$56) bettor as well. He is currently in a virtual tie, trailing DAI4GOLD by a mere 6 points on the World Tour rankings.

13) The Eagle

World Tour Points: 627
Specialty: UFC

Like EL TORO, the Eagle is a UFC specialist, and exclusively bet UFC fights during the Thanksgiving Cup. He is an accurate UFC bettor though, finishing +$1,499 during the tournament, which was good for third place (just $18 behind 2nd place as well).

Like EL TORO, his emphasis on UFC fights sets him up well for the SportX Open with two major UFC events on during the tournament.

14) Street Sweeper

World Tour Points: 610
Specialty: NFL, MLB

Street Sweeper is locked into an exact tie with No Vaseline for 14th place after taking home 32nd in the Thanksgiving Cup. It’s impressive that Street Sweeper finished in positive territory, thanks to big bets on the Washington Nationals and the Green Bay Packers cashing on the last day. Previously, he was in 52nd place.

NHL bets hurt Street Sweeper in the Thanksgiving Cup, with bets on the Maple Leafs and St. Louis Blues missing the mark.

14) No Vaseline

World Tour Points: 610
Specialty: NHL, NFL

No Vaseline is locked into an exact tie with No Vaseline for 14th place after a solid showing in the Thanksgiving Cup nabbed him 12th place and some prize money. In contrast to Street Sweeper though, No Vaseline was the most accurate NHL bettor during the Thanksgiving Cup, going 8/9 on NHL bets during the tournament.

No Vaseline had one of the highest win rates and ROIs (24%) during the tournament, and seems to have been limited only by a relatively small bankroll and bet size. It will be interesting to see whether this is the case during the SportX Open.

16) Glasser’s Picks

World Tour Points: 568
Specialty: MLB, NFL, Bookmaking

Glasser’s Picks falls 6 spots after a rather forgettable performance during the Thanksgiving Cup, finishing dead last in the tournament thanks to a big bet on the Detroit Lions on the last day that went south. To put the bet into context – if the Lions hadn’t melted down and instead held on for the victory, Glasser’s Picks would have ended up finishing 8th in the Thanksgiving Cup.

Glasser’s Picks is one the most prolific bookmakers on SportX, with more than 90% of his volume coming solely from bookmaker mode. We expect a big comeback performance in the SportX Open.

17) RPatrick

World Tour Points: 539
Specialty: MLB

RPatrick bursts into a top 20 World Tour rank after taking home 4th place in the Thanksgiving Cup thanks to a number of accurate MLB and NFL bets. This is big reversal in fortune from the SportX Fall Classic, in which RPatrick finished third last with a putrid -$3,900 performance.

The SportX Open should clear up the air and tell us whether the Thanksgiving Cup was a flash in the pan, of if RPatrick is a legit contender.

18) SportX God

World Tour Points: 525
Specialty: MLB, NFL

A relatively mediocre performance from SportX God during the Thanksgiving Cup, finishing 49th in the tournament, drops him 7 spots in the World Tour rankings.

SportX God is a prolific MLB and NFL bettor though, which he showcased with a top 10 finish in the SportX Fall Classic, so he remains a dark horse contender for the SportX Open.

19) DangerZone

World Tour Points: 518
Specialty: NFL, MLB, Tennis

DangerZone is one of the more consistent bettors in the SportX Tour, after taking home consecutive top 20 finishes in the Fall Classic and Thanksgiving Cup. The question remains however whether DangerZone will meaningfully step up his average bet size to begin competing for a top spot. He remains less than ten points behind SportX God.

20) Gin & Tonic

World Tour Points: 485
Specialty: F1

After a brutally bad bottom five finish in the Thanksgiving Cup, Gin & Tonic has ripped back-to-back top 10s in both the Redemption Challenge and Thanksgiving Cup, thereby soaring into a top 20 World Tour Ranking. Gin & Tonic is a Formula 1 specialist, setting him up well for success in the SportX Open with the Mexican Grand Prix coming up.

21) Banana Boat

World Tour Points: 471
Specialty: MLB

Banana Boat had one of the worst showings in the Thanksgiving Cup, finishing 73rd after not winning a single bet. That’s right, you heard us right. Banana Boat went 0/5 over the weekend on MLB, NCAA Football, and NFL bets, before shutting it down for the tournament. We’ll have to see whether they redeem themselves at the SportX Open.

22) Chardonnay

World Tour Points: 437
Specialty: Tennis, NHL

Chardonnay is another redemption story. After finishing outside of the top 50 in the SportX Fall Classic, Chardonnay has put together a string of strong performances with a 4th place finish in the Redemption Challenge followed by a recent 11th place finish in the Thanksgiving Cup.

Worth mentioning, he was also the day one leader during the Thanksgiving Cup and stayed in the top 10 throughout the tournament until the final day. Chardonnay has been on fire with tennis bets recently, which could prove challenging for him with the reduced fall tennis schedule.

23) Billy Beaners Dynasty

World Tour Points: 419
Specialty: MLB

Billy Beaners Dynasty had a solid showing in the Thanksgiving Cup, moving up 11 spots on the last day to finish 18th and win a share of the prize pool. This is the second time in a row he’s won a share of the prize pool after also taking home 23rd in the Fall Classic.

He remains an extremely accurate MLB bettor, posting a 26% and 46% ROI on MLB bets during the Fall Classic and Thanksgiving Cup, respectively.

24) Daddy’s Home

World Tour Points: 389
Specialty: F1

Daddy’s Home had a poor showing in the Thanksgiving Cup, finishing 65th after going 1/5 on bets during the tournament. Daddy’s Home will have to do better in the SportX open to maintain their top 25 spot in the World Tour, given the raft of contenders below.

25) DarkYonder

World Tour Points: 374
Specialty: Tennis, NFL

DarkYonder rounds out our top 25 after a strong 5th place during the Thanksgiving Cup, with a solid 23% ROI during the tournament. This is a nice recovery for DarkYonder after a brutal bet on the USA National basketball team to cover the spread against France went south during the Fall Classic.

It’s worth mentioning DarkYonder was part of the winning team during the inaugural SportX Battle Royale tournament, so we’re expecting strong performance.

To check out the Top 25 SportX World Tour rankings or to sign up for the $10,000 Open Championship, head to https://tour.sportx.bet/.